Shulman, Random Thoughts [Aleph Zero Records – ALEPHZ05, 2006]

shulman_randomThe latest release (MAR 2006) from Israeli label Aleph Zero is entitled “Random Thoughts” produced by the duo Shulman. This album share a number of similarities with the previous Aleph Zero release “Sines and Singularities”. It too could have been made back in the days when the so called ambient dub reigned (another name cornered by those inventive British music journalists), with a lush, warm, analogue bass infused and quite trancy sound and all meant to be understood in the positive meaning of the words. There’s a collaboration track with label mate Bluetech and among the remixed artists you’ll find: Sub6 feat. Michele Adamson, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Steve Shehan and Lee Triffon. If you’re looking for well-produced, warm house influenced electronic music with a dash of dub and trance look no further, as I’m convinced “Random Thoughts” will fit the bill perfectly.