Autophonic, Slack [On Records – ON205, 2006]

autophonic_slack_on205On Records returns after the seminal 12-inch Funckarma remix extravaganza “ThemSongsByWe” 2003 release and what a return this is! Autophonic’s “Slack” is a best of and debut album at the same time, the first full-length single artist release on On Records and it is as good as it gets. There are 12 tracks of sonic delight on the release and all produced by the very talented Autophonic. The album includes eight of his previously released tracks: “Mekanix” taken from the untitled, early and wonderful DUB04. “Vicious Circles” and “Craft Crash” taken from the classic and superb DUB015 “Bathrobin EP” and “Seclusion” taken from the “Nummer Drie” compilation DUBCD03. “Mind The Dot” was included on the “MAS Confusion” Studio!K7 compilation, “Klont” was included on “MP3voor12” a compilation on the (to me unknown) Vpro label and “Flets” that apparently was included on a DVD entitled “Rawpikzl Video Oost” released on another label/festival unknown to me, called Rawpikzl. And last but not least “Kendu” that first appeared on the lovely On Records’ compilation ON002. (It also featured Funckarma using their Quench monkier.)All these tracks are excellent with complex beats, very high production standard and summarizes the Autophonic sound in a good way. The early DUB releases are sought after these days and it goes without saying quite hard to come by as well. The remaining four previously unreleased tracks show a new side to Autophonic’s musical productions: a jazzier sound with ultra-thick bass, warmth and a live instrumentation feeling. The first track of the album is entitled “Gasp” and it has industry-strength beats fused with live sounding bass and electric piano set in jazz mode all sprinkled with synthesized sounds. “Suspicion” flexes straight-forward hip hop influenced beats and bass doing damage. “Slack” has exquisite live sounding beat patterns and features massive basslines fused with horns and electric piano in short it’s an excellent track! “Flets” which has been previously released (see above) share a number of the previous track’s characteristics, but features less tempo and progressing at a sloth’s slow pace. “Bled” ends the album in a fitting way with a melancholic touch. Get this release immediately and that goes for the previous On records releases as well!