Defrag, Float [Hymen – ¥872 , 2022]

It is the third album by Defrag?

  • Lament Element
  • Drown
  • Float

“Lament Element” is from 2009?

– You said three (3)?
– Yes, I did… yet, Defragmentat ion – Self Construct 2002 (I don’t own, never heard it (yet) that makes four (4) right?)

Hymen released. The production and programming is something else; scientific breaks of the harder persuasion. It’s “self-evident” the hardest thing that you could ever try to do. Nothing is out of place, there are no superfluous elements, yet nothing is missing.

And I said goodbye, Pull the trigger and say goodbye. I want to tell you a story, About an old man and a lighthouse, alone, I want to tell you a story, About an old ship, lost at sea. Don’t touch her, She’s made of glass. Don’t trust her, She’s made of glass, She’ll break. The sun, Where is the sun, The stars, where are the stars? Here comes the flash, We are ash, we are shadow. Even a flower comes from dirt, As the sky fills with fire and stone, I’m alone, The rain is dry. In fire we die. We die.

Fwd, mvmnt and trick ride/timbales I think it is in fact some kind of glockenspiel (a horror movie sample that I’ve heard but don’t know). It is way too short… 02:04 min. Way too short. Excellent! The title too. …Kraken, beware of…

Ref.: In the collection.

Is it possibly the best URL ever? One to keep beyond forever… I just need to put my propeller/thinking hat on. Tin or aluminium? Which foil is more effective? Faraday any day of the week.