0% Front-break Adjusted

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1. This is what a worn pair of bike break-pads look like. It is metal-on-metal; two different kinds of metal though. Steel on Aluminium. One is harder than the other and the sound is emanating from metal-on-metal – it beats a bell any time and co-incidentally I don’t have one…

Ring my beeee-lllll, ring my bell…

2. When I removed the break-pads there was a build-up of metal originating from the rim and hence the sound. Aluminium is a softer metal than steel; it is lighter but it melts a lower temperature – it is friction causing it. when breaking hard.

3. The Princess is fitted with other break-pads (less worn); no sounds and much shorter breaking distance.Another up-side is that the rims are really shiny now and I do mean really shiny.

Please see: 0% Front-break, And There Is This Sound.