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Deadbeat, New World Observer [~scape – SC27, 2005]

August 26th, 2005

sc027_deadbeat_new_world_obJust like on Deadbeat’s previous album on ~scape “Something Borrowed, Something Blue” we’re talking of e-dub of the highest order and the production techniques are perfected. On this the third full-length release Deadbeat has chosen to incorporate some vocals as well. A vocalist named Athésia makes the human audio contribution and surprisingly enough the adding of vocals actually works. The best vocal result is in the awesome track “Ruination” where the lyricist and the lyrics make a great impact. One big reason for the success is the actual voice another is the moderate use of this voice. The vocal is added just like any other element and does not as is often the case entirely dominate the sonic picture. I my mind Deadbeat’s “New World Observer” is simply masterful!

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