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Benge, I Am 9 [Expanding Records – ECD20:04, 2005]

August 26th, 2005

benge_i_am_9“I Am 9” is the fabulous ninth release full-length release by Expanding’s founder and strong man Benge. Exceedingly beautiful sounds put together in a manner that only Benge can muster. The warm bass-filled precision of the opening tracks “Iso-Grifo”, “Elan” and “Panchard” is simply a pure delight. Being unfair to the other seven tracks on “I Am 9” I still would like to single out 2 of them “Zeta” and “Elva-Carrier”, understated rhythmical competence and the latter of them not only one of the best tracks on the album but also a strong contender for the track of this year (2005)! And whoever plays this album that also happened to be in the concrete cube at Norberg in the summer of 2004 will forever get chills running down the spine at any listen. In conclusion this it’s an excellent album with cover-art on par with the music and another fine Expanding release.

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