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Port-Royal, Flares [Resonant – RESCD012, 2005]

May 18th, 2005

rescd012_port-royal_flaresPort-Royal’s “Flares” is a new acquaintance as far as both labels and artists go. Resonant presents Port-Royal an Italian outfit that create electro acoustic music, relying heavily on guitars in their compositions. With “Flares” they’ve succeeded in making a wonderful debut album. On it they’re treading the fine electro acoustic line with the acoustically sounding layered guitars completely dominating the sonic picture and electronic manipulations that are made to great effect. It’s quite melancholic and very beautiful, but it’s not through-and-through ambience, there are moments that are rhythmically intense as well. The packaging is striking and the acquaintance of Resonant and Port-Royal is an equally pleasant one!

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