If You Know

It is close to impossible to explain. Why/what makes this particular track or not? Culture and history, and you may be wrong at the end. I guess it’s a combination of many different things.

I’m not sure I want to… OK. Let’s go; who is playing what? Before and after (the order in the case)? How revolutionary/rough is it? References? Rythm and/or breaks? Style.

– I’m guessing Doc Scott…
– You always say that!
– No one (not even today*) in there right mind would sample Doc… and in any case I will be border-line hard sampling and I know for a fact that Doc doesn’t approve any way (loooong time ago).

* He seldom or never plays Doc Scott though. I did not say that I know, I’m still guessing the true blue original steppa.

The bassline is serious… there are other contenders for sure, but the ones I’m thinking of would never replicate/imitate/sample (they don’t need to and you don’t) or is it just the newest kid on the block? I just don’t know, ask your…

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