Is It Hip-hop Or R’n’B?

– Hey, listen to this!
– Is it Hip-hop or R’n’B?
– Not really, I mean I can’t say that it is (either). It’s music?
– But you do know?! I have said this countless of times to you (and a variety of responses all leading up to):
– I don’t understand why you keep persisting with all this nonsense? Your Blipp-blopp and Dumb’n’bass*?
– Please, come on, it’s music and you are aware that I know a few of the ones making this music? For one they’re my/our friends?
– Is is Hip-hop or R’n’B?

* Dumb’n’bass? It still hurts after all these years. Dismissing a whole genre just like that? Dismissing the most progressive musical endeavour ever? That dis is well hard even by today’s standards. Direct, completely unforgiving and so adorable. Missed beyond words. The love of my life.