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August 29th, 2020

What now?

The actual colour printer’s initial cost was 799,00 SEK (the entire thing including cabling and whatnot). However a replacement 15 ml black ink cartridge is 289,90* SEK or if you happen to desire colour printing it is a mere 399,99 SEK?

…just got to love mass consumerism and the whole system. I for one is just loving it!

* In fact it is a very long time since we actually had either 5, 10 or 50 öre (cents) coins, but never mind that. Buy 10 and get nothing…

Cost is what you pay, value is what you [actually] get**. If I’m not mistaken it is a quote by: Berkshire Hathaway’s strong man Warren Buffet. If I’m mistaken please don not start any legal processes.

** You are more than welcome to pay 1000 SEK or more for a “Happy meal” if your up for it.

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