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Come On!?

May 12th, 2020

You just want some tranquillity, in your own home. You are in control. You have your record collection. And it is in order. Until… one track or in an even worse scenario two unknown tracks. And you immediately know a number of things.

Is it unreleased? Take an ever longer ride on your bike. Who might be playing this unknown track? DJ Storm? Take your bike apart and reassemble it.

This is Culture. Digital & Outrage? – Why? – You need to stop playing this song. Don’t play this song again. It is called: ‘Kingdom (of Zion)’? The beats.. double and rim-shot (a talented drummer can play it), the bassline is magical. Can you stop? This is the wall. Push the bass. And no, will never, ever stop. Ever.

I can’t find it. It was/has not been released? That is the worst case scenario. + 25 yrs in service.

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