The Original Title Was…

Do you have a death wish?

Well do you? No, I don’t, actually and honestly.

The little black bear (Musta Karhu), is now fitted with new break pads and more than ready to roll, fast. I’ve skipped the curb and I bounced of the front of a car whilst manoeuvring and /or accessing a pedistral crossing (övergångsställe).

I did not see the second car coming and then she turned, without looking, towards me… I hit the bumper and flew sideways in app. 30 to 40 degrees.

I landed on my back wheel and it held, there was still grip, bear and I could continue on our path way. It was a matter of seconds. Moving fast.

She hit me. The sound of crumbling plastic… when we hit the fender…

“- Du måste vara försiktigare.”