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Atone, Un Jour EP [Autres Directions In Music – MOULIN006, 2004]

July 12th, 2004

atone_un_jour_epUn Jour EP is the name of Moulin 006 and that would be the sixth release on Adim. Atone delivers 5 tracks of high-quality electronic music stretching from dreamesque soundscapes to rhythmic complexity. The EP opens up with “Partir” with a sparkling melody reminiscent of the rising sun a beautiful summer’s day just after you’ve opened your eyes, for a new day and a new start. It is followed by the harmonica-filled “Two Marimbas” the hesitant melody in combination with the gentlest beats is trotting forward in a steady pace. “Balneaire” sets a calmer ambiance and would be the lazy afternoon in extreme heat and all blue skies. Very nice choices of sounds in this beatless track. “C’est Fini” has an understated bassline and some crisp beats, the sprinkled melody works beautifully as it is contrasted with the harsher sounds of the composition. Quite excellent. The EP is closed by the fifth and last song “Qobac Sine”. An atmospheric piece with heartbreaking melancholic sounds suspended mid-air in this the sonic picture of nightfall. To sum up it’s another nice EP from those Adim (Autres Directions In Music) people!

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