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It Might Work?

February 26th, 2020

My father would strongly oppose this whole suggestion/proposition though* and I do mean strongly be opposed to the very idea of a: Spåman** international marabout. The World is indeed as wonderful as it strange place.

Jag kan lösa alla Era problem… Du får veta hur du skyddar dig och din familj från fienden och hur du får dina nära och kära tillbaka in i ditt liv. Garanterat resultat.***

A marabout in Stockholm? Bound to be a pretty far way from home.

* Actually that is an understatement it would have made him: Fou furieux. “- Les marabouts? Je ne sais pas quoi dire…” “- Il i-y-a un en Stockholm? Tu n’est pas sérieux!”
** Fortune-teller is the word for word translation.
*** Rough translation: I can solve all of your problems.. You get to know how to protect yourself and your family against the enemy and how to bring your loved ones back into your life. Result is guaranteed.

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