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Somatic Responses, Adverts [Component – COM112, 2004]

March 25th, 2004

somatic_advertsIt is all about dirty breaks and heavily distorted soundscapes what did you expect? It’s Somatic Responses we’re talking about after all! “Adverts” is a double CD out on the hard-hitting Component Records packed to the brim with Somatic Responses and may I add not for the fainthearted. As is often the case for me, mixed emotions are evoked by music with these characteristics. At times the sheer ruthlessness of the music is both compelling and enjoyable in it’s own right and at times it is not. Somatic Responses have a tendency to make, a maybe to thorough job of tearing apart their own musical constructions and literally crush the sonic picture and drench it in distortion. It’s their insignia, but at times the brokenness completely takes over the tracks. On the other hand in the right amount and with a bit more coherence then it’s just excellent disjointed break beats with a very hard edge. If you like your breaks industrial strength graded and dirty sounding and you don’t mind distorted soundscapes, then be sure to investigate Somatic Responses’ “Adverts” and you’re in for a 140+ minutes onslaught. And while you’re at it take a close look at the entire component label.

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