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Depth Affect, Mesquin EP [Autres Directions In Music – MOULIN003, 2004]

February 22nd, 2004

mesquinThe third release from Adim (that would be Autres Directions In Music for the ones who hasn’t red the two previous reviews here at ED one of the last outposts of contemporary electronic music in Stockholm.) is a hip-hop based excursion courtesy of Depth Affect. They really make the best description of their music themselves: “…our way of proceeding isn’t original it simply consists in exploring the different aspects of electronic hop hop music.” and they do exactly that, heavy beats and looped melodies create convincing tracks. “Mesquin Eye” relies on all these elements and it is quite melodic. “Dialect” is decidedly minimal and has awesome old school drums and bassline that completely dominates the sonic picture. The choice of title shows great sense of humour given the sampled vocals used in the track. The third track “not Forgotten” is of epic proportions even though the chosen opening beats are close to render the track generic, but it is saved by the overall composition and it is a lovely track all in all. The forth and last track on the EP is a remix of the opening track “Mesquin Eye” entitled “Vertigo Remix” the remix is made by Melodium who also did the honors on Moulin 001 and he does a great job here too. Adding some different sounds to the original and cleaning up the beats to the verge of minimalism and even throwing in some filtering for good measure and outro. You can’t but like Adim and all you have to do in order to get their releases is to go to their website and download them or buy them for 5 euros each!

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