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Seba – Session at Secret Operations HQ

November 24th, 2009

This story starts with the notion of youth and the promise of an eternal, ever accelerating evolution of increasingly complex beats, unlimited and eternal bass and last but not least the so very, very bright future that should rightfully belong to all youth! As well as the deep and undiluted belief in the power of art, music and last but not least bass.

The Seba set posted here at resurface.se represent all of the above and also signifies the meaning of, or rather was is meant when applying the term “soldier” in a drum and bass context, it means nothing else but serving the drum and bass. And they constitute the key musical elements according to Lee Scratch Perry and I for one agree and I always have, ask somebody. A soldier serves the drum and bass with loyaly and without hesitation. And let’s not forget the future part…

It is claimed that the current year is 2009 and if that is actually true it would seem that quite some time has passed since 1995 when this particular journey in question took off *, Seba’s that is, one of a select few that is a living, breathing musical hero, relentlessly pursuing a musical vision, no matter what the obstacles may be, belonging to the group of individulas that all are artists in the very meaning of the word.

I feel that it is my obligation to pay tribute to some of the real artists in the World, so I say a big thank you to: Ludvig, Krazy, Jesper, Inigo, Hecq, Mileue, Seba, Icarus, Proem, Auer, Lufth, Alaska, Paradox, Coltrane, Mehldau, Pole, Phonem, Funckarma, Somatic Responses, Autechre, Beefcake, Mary J Blige, Jodeci, Group Home, KDD, Fanu, Rother, Finlow, Tonikom, Fabian, Descartés and many many more… again thank you!

Now proceed and listen to the fresh mix, straight from the Secret Operations HQ brought to you by the one and only Seba.

* Seba started producing music well before 1995, but for the sake of the argument and my text I'm choosing to stick to 95'. If for no other reason I have some really great musical and personal memories from 1995.

Seba – Session at Secret Operations HQ mix hosted by R.fm — Mix.Pacemaker.net.

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