Plod, Fast Forward EP [Worm Interface – WI028, 2002]

plod_ffwdA lovely four track EP by Plod out on Worm Interface, apparently released last year (2002) it didn’t surface in the vicinity of the desert until this year. The EP starts off with the delightful “Fast Forward” containing top-class production, excellent beats and an all-around niceness in short it’s a wonderful track. “Sillgrisslan” follows it, containing more heartbreaking melodies fused with carefully selected rhythmic elements, gentler in setting than the opening track and very good. In “Brockmann” tempo is taken down a notch, a down-tempo track with amplitude of atmosphere and straight forward slow beats and accompanied crunchy hand-clap. Fourth and final track “Just A Ride” features more clever beats and warm washes of synthesised sounds. There’re four good tracks on this EP and that should be enough, so if you’re looking for some warm sounds to get you through the winter? The recommendation is to invest in Plod’s “Fast Forward” EP.