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In LAN We Trust!

January 10th, 2019

Sourced from the scrap heap, literally (grovsoprummet) – 1 (one) 300 MBbit WiFi router and 1 (one) 100/10 MBbit 8-port switch.

They both are of the brand Netgear and the power adapters were included. I’m just saying. Hardware (HW).

And I for one am loving it. Over-and-out (almost).

Let’s not forget the complete alarm system* (including 4 x motion sensors, light and sound alarm devices) or the “other” 8-port 100/10 switch of a different brand and the 54 MBbit router (incidentally of the mark Netgear). “Batteries are not included”. HW = GUNHED!

Apparently you can run Adurino and an Ubuntu server and get SMS-messages whenever the alarm is tripped – I have a friend that did that years ago, but I haven’t had time to try that just yet and I do believe recalling that the system actually ended up rebelling/misbehaving in the end…

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