Hold Up!

You are telling me that I can not listen to the music that I like? You are telling me that I can not listen to Fabio and Grooverider?

Honestly? That is ridiculous. Why would you want to even attempt to do that? The one thing that a care about. I mean that is simply ridiculous.  I would never ever even consider that. Never. If you know me. Then you will know that is the truth.

I don’t understand why?

The last thing that I have. Why is it so important to take the one thing that I care about away from me? Most of you don’t even care about music?

I do. Still, you seem to force me to give up the one thing that I really like: music. Why would you want me to do that? It does not make sense to me.

The little one and his friends listen to “21 Savage”. If you are looking for darkness? Then you’ll find it right there. Atlanta bass is not happy. It is dark and really scary. It is where UK and US meet musically.

I’m not sure I like the idea. I love the music though.

Ridiculous bass. The sampling is outrageous. Tiny “T” would have loved it. Actually she would have freaked out.

21 Savage. Darkness and did not know that “alternative” rock = Marilyn Manson style and deep, deep bass would ever meet. Did not see that coming. Honestly I did not see it.

It is fucking crazy. The bass they’re pushing.? It is just unbelievable… I can’t believe it. The auto-tune-maxismed-bass-darkness-atlanta-music?

“She fainted in front of gutter…” What the hell is going on?