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November 29th, 2017

Last/lost transmission (mm, yes, that is the “flat line” depicted.).

There will be sceptics of course (I may be involved in that very scepticism…), however the circumstances were different this time around and the consequences turned out to be catastrophic.

I did pursue it till the end as per usual. However, I was unable to foresee the outcome… I underestimated the level of aggression of strangers toward me, i.e. people that don’t know me and nor do I know them.

Stasi behaviour. Primitive behaviour. Maybe you should concentrate on your own lives/being. How come that when I (individual) act my little sister is automatically involved? Whenever I “act-out” my little sister is the first to know? Everytime?

That is not my friends and it is not my family. It is chocking, I know. But, I am growned up now. What does that mean? Well, I am my own authority now. My father will not return? He explained all that in detail.

I underestimated (once again) the underlying driving force. But, if you don’t know me? Why will you not stay out of my business?

That is the sole reason that I know that it is the last transmission. The date? It is purely coincidental i.e.. I’m still not into numerology.

Pretty, pretty number symmetry-wise, I still do think.

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