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I Swore That I Would Not Comment

October 22nd, 2017

I swore to myself that I would not comment. Blast!

The #tag that is trending now and no I’m not going to write it in clear text.

What is the problem? Did you not get enough attention as a young child? All sexual crimes are extremely serious.

However, I’m not convinced that it actually has anything to do with the current “discussion”.

Being offended or ignored is not the same thing as being abused.

A decade or more? 15 years? It seems like a fairly long time to me.

“Trauma” is a as far as I know a very serious psychological term/state. It is not any random wrongdoing? I personally get offended all the time. Am I traumatised? No, Not generally or I have never been traumatised. Have I been upset? Yes. Have I ever been angry or extremely happy? Yes, I have been and I am still both.

Traumatised? No, I have never been that ever and and closer to 50 than I am 40.

A long time ago, when I was a teenager. I was scared once or twice. Was that a trauma? No, it was not. It had nothing to do with harassment whatsoever (well maybe from the police). Please stop misusing words.

Being traumatised? In war.

A sustained trauma stretching over a decade? Mm. I’m not sure that the correct vocabulary is being used here. There are other words from the realm that are being misused. Depression. Sadness.

If I ever saw Pandora’s box… does rejection qualify as an offence to? Is revenge an acceptable motive? Do we really want to slip down this slippery slope? Remember, we are not Americans… we are from Europe. Rome is our true capital… it is not to late to close the box. If you persist? Please don’t open that box. Not that one.

“Folktribunalen” kommer att marchera gata upp och ned och skapa rättvisa? Men vi har ju en stat, juridik, militär och polis av en anledning? Är det någon som har läst och förstått: “Animal Farm: A Fairy Story” eller “Lord of the Flies”?

Somebody? Have you heard about the second World War? WW2? Have ever heard about fascism? Have you ever read: “Djurfarmen” or “Flugornas herre”?

NO???? So, you are telling me that it will repeat itself? It will happen again? That is simply not acceptable to me. Did, I just not write that my grandfather died because he fought in the second war? In 1950 he died because of injuries he sustained fighting for France/democracy. “Pour La France” and 20 years before I was born.

Fascist and nazis are against democracy and culture, they are by definition violent and they are really, really, really dangerous. Oki? No, it doesn’t matter if they are old or new. No, they are not hard to detect. Simply put they are the true enemies of democracy. And you need to stop them now! No it can’t wait. Do it now!

In the 19th century, there was a diagnosis called “hysteria”. Completely unscientific (obviously) and only applied to women.

Nevertheless it was practised then and in all honesty I would not mind getting that diagnosis right now.

– But, doctor what exactly is the problem with this patient?
– You mean what is his problem? Well, you are aware that he is interested in society, collects and listens to electronic music and that he has delusions about creating a better World or whatever?
– Surely, you must see that is a classic case of ‘hysteria’?
– Ah, I can see it now, you mean the not curable type?
– That is correct, no chance what so ever. Trust me it is a lost cause. There is nothing we can do to help that miserable soul. Just… let him be.
– I mean, clearly he is a hysteric. Poor damned soul.

However, we do have other, acute and pressing social issues. We need to address them right now!

We are not best in class longer, we are soon to be the last country in the World to have a female head of state. How is that even possible? We’re pointing fingers in all directions? UK, Finland, Germany, Australia, Island have or have had females leading the country? How many female “statsministrar” have we had so far? The short answer is: none. So, we (the Swedes) have in fact never had a female head of state? Does a female in Sweden earn the same as a man? One guess.

Please wake me when you wake up. Have you ever heard the story about the “camel” or the song “murder inc.” or “housewife” or…?

Here are some random ideas:

Maybe you should not have commercialised relations, sensuality and sexuality?
Maybe the “porno” aesthetics are not working that well?
Maybe democracy actually extends beyond your own personal rights?
Maybe every citizen has obligations as well?
Maybe civilised society has a value?
Maybe the bank is fooling you?
Maybe the children are what really matters?
Maybe we could all be better?
Maybe you are in fact not an Afro-American?
Maybe a war between the genders is not what we need right now?
Maybe it is time to grasp that the concept of “race” is a massive misconception. “Bang Bang”.
Maybe I’ll just tell you to **** off?
Maybe you should just listen to Mary J Blige?

Mary J sings:
“Listen, if you wonder why I am living my life the way I do? Don’t worry about me…”
“I’m trying to tell you something good… if you don’t why? You better find out the reason why, brother…”

And who is the best living vocalist? One guess.

Maybe I just stopped caring?

Picture: if you want to see a sky like that? You need to come up North. You will not find it anywhere else in the entire World. Slightly after the darkness descends and it lasts a very long time.

I Swore That I Would Not Comment…

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