You Share 4,5 Million “Customers”?

That is close to everyone living in this country? Too big to fail are you know? You stopped the transmission over a what exactly?

Guaranteed revenue. And 4 500 000 customer does not equal users? You “inherited” on a National customer base accumalted by a monoploy? I know you are laughing. I am not. It is… an offence. There is something worse than monopoly. It it as an oligopoly, when the state is no longer in control.

You need not to worry though, very few understand the difference.

Yet, the majority want to believe in it. It is a recurring history. Paid, did not get what you actually paid for? The recent debacle? Who were the not winning ones? Two (male ; ) ) CEO:s on Twitter? And it is not you and I paying their ridiculous wages, options and if they really are at fault their pension? Fine.

I’m done with that. You are robbing the people blind.

And I for one am not having it. I am not hiding. You can find me, quite easily.

I even got a social security number.