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Arguing Over GB?

August 7th, 2017

It is 2017? It could have been: 1977, 1987, 1997 or 2007, but it could never have been 1967? I was not born then and it could not be 2027 because that, is still in the “future”.

GB? The argument? Well, it is not Great Britain, Brexit or any like that.

It is downloaded data per month via mobile phone, 25 GB over a two month period that shocked me. I thought that the handling was under under control, but it obviously was not. +20 GB is costly. Not forgetting adding the price of the ridiculously priced phone.

I really don’t like the phones.

I never have and I never will, now they’re small, fiddly, costly, have ridiculous small screens and they’re the smallest computers ever. On-top of that they’re called “smart”. Devices driven by “business”.

My grandfather had one, exactly like in the picture, sitting on his big oak desk. It was replaced and they took it away. The telephone vanished. That is progress. My grandfather was a business man.

What? My phone is a portable computer? It tracks me everywhere and all of the time? Even when I turn it off? Why should I care?

I don’t want / can not / don’t analyse the traffic of my son (I am not an Intelligence Service and there is nothing more important to me than the principle of absolute integrity).

Google is YouTube? And Ebay is Paypal? Does that not bother you? At all? In my home I got a 100/100 internet connection and three wireless nets. I can download whatever I want and have space for whatever I want.

Streaming? “- You have 32GB of storage on your phone? Why don’t you download the music that you like an listen to it locally? Instead of streaming it?” The concept of paying for something you don’t actually own is strange in combination of the unwillingness to to accept the complexity of the technology.

However, it does not seem to be tekno to me in any sense, if your connection vanishes you have… nothing?

No, I got copies of everything and my collection does not reside in the “cloud”. Multiple hardware copies, disconnected from the Internet and the power grid. My collection is on multiple discs.

You would need to find me in order to find my copies. It is my data and where ever I go my data will follow.

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