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It Is A Disaster In Progress

July 22nd, 2017

I’ve spent more than 45 years in this city and the majority of that time has been spent in a 3 km radius (or possibly less).

I’m very proud of and I have great love for my city. Why wouldn’t I? That which I am witnessing right now? The ongoing division and fracture? I always imagined that I would embrace the break up of normality in full? However, (to my big surprise) no, it is quite the opposite. It’s just simply horrifying and it undermines the very fabric of not only the city but our society as a whole.

What do you mean by that? I mean that religion and ancient ideas do not apply here. Ancient ideas concerning relations between men, women and children, ideas concerning the absolute equality between all humans, the democratic ideas that literally is the foundation of our civilisation.

Political religion is a major concern for democracy it maybe the biggest concern, since a true democracy adheres to freedom of speech and religion.

Not only religion this time around and it would seem that I was wrong again… more than anything it is a disaster in progress. “I landet utan frågor.” (quote by E. Lundin.)

I do believe it is going to end really badly (in any case for a majority of the people).

You can’t see it? I am sure that you are aware. Do you imagine that it does not concern you? I would have to disagree. Hence the title… actually it has already happened, so the “progress” part is somewhat misleading

The soundtrack could be: Rolaz’ “A Tale Of Two Cities” from the 2015 “Another Day EP”?

And yet, no one seems concerned or even slightly worried? Not even the ones with own offspring? I personally find that deeply disturbing… you honestly do not consider that it could pose a major problem to democracy and equality, in the city or the country? Seriously? Language, education, ability to support yourself? Human rights? No?

Theory first: democracy is a very fragile thing. History has thought us that at least twice in the past 100 years? The principle of separating the power of church (religion) from the state and having an independent judiciary system must surely be the foundation of any democratic system?

And the “One man’s ideas, one man’s rule” option on the other hand is the opposite of democracy? There’re actually words for those practises… many words.

You didn’t really think those ideas magically vanished 1945 or did you? Look-up the date of Spain’s first democratic election, Greece, Turkey, Hungary or what parts of Milano and Roma thinks? Or take any other of the defeated ones for that matter.

(I realise now that this is actually a separate topic. Because they (fascists) would probably agree with me on the necessity of having a secularised state, however as they don’t recognise democracy at all it gets a bit complicated, since I am advocating a secularised state which is in fact a democracy. See above.)

A democratic state has to be secularised. There is no such thing as a religiously based or religiously guided democracy. There is no such thing as “Civilsamhället” either. Can a state be built on those principles? Depending on what the definition of a “state” actually is, sure it can and it has been done many times.

However, they are not and will never be democratic states.

It is clear (to me) that secularism is a precondition. A democracy can not in any way be guided by religious rules. And if you do not have a truly secularised society you will never have democracy or if you ever had democracy you will inevitably loose it when your society no longer is secularised. When society is governed by unofficial religious rules/laws.

The two are incompatible and that is the reason why they; religion/state were separated in the first place. In Western Europe after 100’s of years of war and shedding of blood. Catholics and protestants fought for well over a 100 years in France alone, it is called “The 100 year war.” I assume they would have called them selves Christians?.

My assumption has always been that if religion has direct influence on the state and its affairs. An another level of hierarchy will be introduced and not only a level that supersedes the state, but a level that does not necessary applies to all citizens depending on their religious beliefs. Etc.

As a citizen in a democracy you have the freedom to believe, worship and basically say, write produce whatever you want. But, you don’t have the right to undermine the state. That is not one of your rights and speaking of rights, there’re are quite of civic responsibilities as well.

Liberté, égalité, fraternité.

Finally: whatever you take for granted, you will inevitably loose.

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