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As Long At It Will Last

August 2nd, 2017

Freedom of speech.

Looking for the perfect beat? The best bass music in the World? I own it and I can still look. I don’t have to take any consideration what so ever regarding: what I listen to, write, read or look at.

And I more or less know how to read and write. I want those rights and responsibilities (including the bass pressure) to be available to junior?

But, how can I assure that my boy and all the other young ones will have that same opportunities? As a matter of fact I can’t and that poses enormous problems to me.

Actually there are a number of factors that would suggest something completely different. I will not go into details and I hope that I’m erroneous. I am still extremely worried.

The worst thing that can happen to Democracy is when the majority takes it for granted. When the majority forget that there are obligations and responsibilities along with the universal rights. It stops working under all other conditions. And this is not mere “theory”, it has happened countless times throughout history.

I would like to join Jadakiss in his salute without hesitation whatsoever. I can’t do that. It is not an option.

Chemical fires burning in my neighborhood? Second night in a row? Crying like a baby am I? Yes, that is true, but I’m from Stockholm and I am not used to chemical fires. I’m not used to cars burning.

Carry on. Mm, but remember that I have been telling you.

Chemical fires, cars that are being burnt.

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