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Merak Is Not Feeling Well

December 6th, 2017 Comments off

And Alkaid already had a broken screen and even worse an US keyboard.

The screen? That’s irritating/annoying. The keyboard? That’s just plain upsetting.

It looks like… FF* broke Merak, if that is the case that’s not good, at all. Behaving strangely. I backed-up and cleaned the disk to gain performance not… this. It could be MS of course.

“Merak” and “Alkaid” are my machines. They are (almost) identical, in any event they are of the same make and probably year. However, they’re not clones. T510 and W510, please, don’t upset them.

My machines are named. They all bear names of existing stars in our galaxy.

What? Why? Are they all from the same constellation? Yes, madame/sir. Indeed they are. Mm, each and everyone; “Pechda” is on the network , so is, “Thalida” and “Dubhe” by the way. Maybe it is obvious but those are “Arabic” names and that is not a coincidence. Seemed to forgotten a thing or two.  And one or two more on the network. I like machines.

I need a new disk or rather Merak needs one. A faster one.

* No, it is not a dirty word. FF = Firefox, the web browser? You know, for kids?

On a completely different note. No, driving your truck at high speed at 04:30 does not impress me at all. It seems moronic to me. Nor does calling me at 07:30 in the morning. Simply to inform me that you have/will decided or have the intention to visit me at 10:00 o’clock the following day. That’s just… crazy/insane.

Honestly? Is that how “people” actually live their lives? Really? Maybe, just maybe. It is a hard read, however K.Marx did write it… a long time ago. So I’m not having any of that. I mean do you really want to be a slave?

“Men…? J****? Så kan du inte säga!”

Mm, I’m saying no. I’m telling you to read what the old man wrote.


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