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Left Behind II

March 15th, 2020 Comments off

What ever happened the instant before someone decided “- I’m not wearing these shoes no more this day/night!”. What happened after they were left behind? I always wonder…

The laces must have been replaced recently because they were spotless, all white and clearly brand new. And yet, someone decided to step out of them; halfway of reaching the summit of Katarinaberget. Midway up the stairs…

– Where are your shoes?

Please see: Left Behind.

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Slakthus 5

March 12th, 2020 Comments off

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Information Wants To Be Free (Not Of Charge)

March 12th, 2020 Comments off

We’re a non-profit. Only 2% of our readers give, but Wikipedia manages to serve hundreds of millions of people per month. Imagine if everyone gave? We could transform the way knowledge is shared online.

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The Drain II

March 12th, 2020 Comments off

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Aer Du Någe På Kontoret Nu För Tiden?

March 11th, 2020 Comments off


That is so… it’s the definition of the SoSo Perspective and nothing less than true love for that…

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The Drain

March 11th, 2020 Comments off

And the constant rain…

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The Past + Future Or His Story

March 11th, 2020 Comments off

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Party Like Its My…

March 11th, 2020 Comments off

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March 10th, 2020 Comments off

Photo: Snežana Negovanović – Znak pitanja tavern, Belgrade – Serbia

808 tweaked, bass culture next gen… decades ago I honestly thought it was just theory… and now it is reality? My teenage ideas are more real than I could ever imagine?

Now, I have experiences, memories and references that are known to me? Have I projected them? Am I now being presented with… yet, that is what you wanted? Right?

No, that is not what I wanted! It is much to complicated, the bass, the bass culture is a complication. And we do not mess/joke/fiddle about with it; the bass culture. Because either you know the army or you don’t… no matter, the army is always present.

And now the little one knows that fact, Jr knows for shou’. Push, push the bass little one. Your friends are what counts.

Take the lead and then push, push the bass… forward, if you will.He will push the tempest by…

By pure coincident there is/was a really nice cafe named “?” situated in Belgrade a long time ago. Before the war. I think I would find my way there if I ever would revisit the White City (Beograd*) and/or the establishment.

Finally: have you blown a fuse?

That could very well be the case; I just cannot seem to be able to either win or give up. Never ever, ever. Leave me alone, please.

* Most of the buildings are clad in white and used to be just that, white that is and as far as I know Beograd litterally means White City.

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March 10th, 2020 Comments off

Fig 1.

Fig 2.

Fig 3.

Fig 4.

Fig 5.

  1. A 16 amp fuse with casing from the demolition site. That building is now long gone.
  2. The front of a tile from the new (hideous) building on the demolition site
  3. The back side of a tile from the new (hideous) building on the demolition site.
  4. Both my aunt and my uncle used to work there.
  5. KÖP ORIGINALET! VAGNER PREMIUM 940 is NOSTALGISK UTANPÅ – HIGHTECH INUTI*. Veenred oak casing at that price? There is even a telephone number, but what about fax or memo? They’re missing. Listen to the future…

That would be post number 1040 and the year is still 2020. Why? I don’t know! Go ask your Mama, go ask your Papa…

*Mm or is the other way around I wonder? I don’t know…! 96′ gonna be that year…

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