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My Name Is

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.-. . ... ..- .-. ..-. .- -.-. . .-.-.- ... .

Unless you are in some kind of specialized military branch or sea farer from the past (which I am not) you probably need a Translator of some sort to decode it? I know I do…

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D’où Je Viens XVI

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Signs Of The Time

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37 °C + Hands

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The title is a reference to temperature*.

The previous post was about temperatures and the periodic table that was constructed by several people but is largely attributed to the Russian chemist: Дмитрий Иванович Менделеев, Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev (1834 – 1907).

How can this be remotely related?

Well, you will need to read the previous post: 1052 °C; think about melting points, possibly Barcelona but you must not look into the looking glass.

The venue is the same: Color + Sachet; a different day and This Is A Ride that is at times parked right outside was not present.

The final reference is one of my favourite d’n’b albums of all time 37 °C And Falling and the label to booth.

But hey, that’s just a bonus!

* Average body temperature.

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1052 °C

January 2nd, 2020 Comments off

1052 Centigrade? Using mirrors, computers and solar energy only? That’s impressive and that’s enough to melt most things we use and know of in the table (periodic):

Aluminium (Al)13 melts at 660,33 °C and Copper (Cu)29 at 1085,00 °C.

Lead (Pb)82 melts at: 327.5°C and in between them you’ve got; Tin (Sn)50, Magnesium (Mg)12 and Zink (Zn)30.

The only thing that is really missing is: Iron (Fe)26, unfortunately, it melts at 1538 °C and we use iron to make Steel*. The temperature reached is not that far away…

Aluminium goes a far, far way it just not as strong. yet it is in fact one of the most common solid elements on earth (the seas are made up of Hydrogen** (H)1 and Oxygen (O)8, that would be H2O, Combined they make up for quite a bit, if not most of Tellus more than 75%.

* Steel is an alloy, it is a combination of different elements from the periodic table. Steel is not an element.

** It is regarded as the simplest and most common known element in our universe.

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D’où Je Viens XV

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This is …

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