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Tre Kronor?

December 8th, 2017 Comments off

“Shemagh”, Tre Kronor, Sand. Det är inte bilden (men det visste väl du redan)?

Det är en halsduk = palestinasjal och jag har två stycken i olika färger. Va? Kan ni inte heller arabiska?

– Men du kan inte ha den på dig ute?

– Jo, det kan jag visst det. Jag har gjort min militärtjänst och de är ju där? I Afganistan, Libyien, Irak och Syrien? Flyger, bombar och slåss under NATO- befäl? I snart 10 år?

Svenskar som slåss? Men vi är ju inte medlemar? Det är inte neutralitet. Jag tänker bära min “Shemagh” med stolthet.

– Den är skön. SAS har gillat den länge (sedan WW2 faktiskt).

Nej, jag menar inte inte det haverade flygbolaget. Jag menar UK, SAS.

Tre kronor. “Some move like a ghost.” Just watch me.

Du kanske inte trodde att du faktiskt kände en riktig patriot?


Det är inte fel att vilja tjäna sin stat menar jag.



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Är du säker?

December 8th, 2017 Comments off

I mean are you certain? Are you convinced? It is really important.

21 Savage? The fourteens of 2017 know US language better than most. Better than you.

Do you really understand the reference: “Ghostface Killers”?

Do you know who it is being referenced? Do you know Wu-Tang?

I got severally corrected. I misunderstood the reference…

I did not in fact understand it at all (according) to the young one.

“Ghost Dog – The Way Of The Samurai.” I do know. Surely it must be one of the the best movie scores ever..

It may be the best movie ever made…

Live by the code. Die by the code.


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That Is Bass From Atlanta?

December 8th, 2017 Comments off

Have I not been talking about the 808?

Have I not explained that I never visited the country and that I probably never will.

Little sister have been there many times. Father did not approve.

I thought I needed to visit NY? No, what I need to do is to go to Atlanta and Rotterdam.

My father forbid me to visit USA, he told me not to never go there ever. Netherlands was OK. Little sister has been around the World. The little, little one has traveled around the whole World.

The music compels me. I need to see/find the source. Bass. I need to see/hear it.

I want to see/experience the pressure at the source. I think I need to go to Atlanta.

The bass is originating from there? If it is there? Then there is where I’m going.. I would have guessed Detroit? Never been there. Bass will calling the shouts. I need to go.

I am going there. To the bass. I need to do it. The source. I need to do it.

Picture? I asked for a picture. This is what I got.  This is what I’m going to post. Danger.

Hold Up!

December 7th, 2017 Comments off

You are telling me that I can not listen to the music that I like? You are telling me that I can not listen to Fabio and Grooverider?

Honestly? That is ridiculous. Why would you want to even attempt to do that? The one thing that a care about. I mean that is simply ridiculous.  I would never ever even consider that. Never. If you know me. Then you will know that is the truth.

I don’t understand why?

The last thing that I have. Why is it so important to take the one thing that I care about away from me? Most of you don’t even care about music?

I do. Still, you seem to force me to give up the one thing that I really like: music. Why would you want me to do that? It does not make sense to me.

The little one and his friends listen to “21 Savage”. If you are looking for darkness? Then you’ll find it right there. Atlanta bass is not happy. It is dark and really scary. It is where UK and US meet musically.

I’m not sure I like the idea. I love the music though.

Ridiculous bass. The sampling is outrageous. Tiny “T” would have loved it. Actually she would have freaked out.

21 Savage. Darkness and did not know that “alternative” rock = Marilyn Manson style and deep, deep bass would ever meet. Did not see that coming. Honestly I did not see it.

It is fucking crazy. The bass they’re pushing.? It is just unbelievable… I can’t believe it. The auto-tune-maxismed-bass-darkness-atlanta-music?

“She fainted in front of gutter…” What the hell is going on?

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Global Fantastic Or Just Read The Damn Book

December 7th, 2017 Comments off

So, my site was down. Support replies wondering what time zone I’m currently occupying (maybe not that exact wording) .

I say: UTC +1

Support says: UTC +8

I say where is that exactly? I did ask politely, like a gentleman.

In the Philippines.

So, I’m talking to someone in the Philippines at 03:30 my local time regarding my site hosted by a Danish ISP at UTC +8 , that would correspond to 10:30 in the day = midday?

I encountered a HTTP 500 error again, second time this month. Seriously? I mean is that serious? UTC +8 in the Philippines? Really? And the server farm is located where exactly?

The book? You should know by now. My father called him the greatest traitor in human history. Late 18 hundreds, you’ll find it  I’m sure of it. It is a well known book. It is an impossible/terrible read. Yet, most definitely a necessary one.

Now I probably can’t go there to the orange country. Although I have pledged that I would indeed do so. However I live where everyone have the right to believe whatever they want. I live where you are free to mend your own life as you see fit.

I am extremely proud of that and I intend to exercise that very same right to the fullest. Hundred millions gave their life for those very same  rights.

A light-blue star (it could be black like Bowie’s last one was) and referencing a book? You do the math. I’m entitled to believe whatever I want to. I’m privileged enough to have been born free. And I will exercise that right given to me by birth to the fullest.

Just like you should really listen to Aphex Twin, the difference being that I’m not going to force you to do so.

I have not said so. Do I share my fathers’ views. Indeed I do.


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There Is A Reason

December 6th, 2017 Comments off

No, I have not watched/followed the series “Mr Robot” and there is a perfectly good reason or explanation for it.

Basically, it probably will not have a positive effect on my persona. Before it became a word with absolute negative connotation (got to love the 2000’s)…

I always referred to it as just that: “själv-censur” (“self auditing” if you will).

Example: My little sister simply loves horror movies. But I don’t. I don’t like “splatter” horror movies nor do I like photographs of war casualties.

I actually still have bad dreams originating from VHS 1983 or 84 (very seldom these days I might add.). Horror inflicted on a young impressionable mind.

So, I’ve chosen not too look at them. I don’t like zombies or zombie movies either for that matter.

But, don’t you like recreational extreme violence in an entertaining context? Of course I do. I like “action” movies.

The series? Mr Robot? It is brilliant in all aspects, the photo is great, the dialogue/script is excellent and the subject could not be more valid, deeply existential or very contemporary. And who doesn’t like the “troubled” young soul?

Are there any further questions?

Shockingly enough it will not be first series that I own (soon) that I probably will not watch till the end. That fact actually surprises even me.

I think it has something to do with visual overload. But, given time, in theory I can watch the entire series. In theory I can watch all my movies, listen to all my music and read all my books at least one more time in my life-time.

In theory.

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This Man Deserves An Award

December 6th, 2017 Comments off

M. Kellerman needs to be awarded right now!

Maybe, just maybe he can restore the honour of culture Sweden? Please don’t fail me now.

Whatever medal or honorary you have in store. Honorary doctor?

But, please do it now. Before it is to late and it’s all beyond repair.

What about: services rendered to humanity? Instead of Haag and the depressing tales of humanity that takes place there?

Acute contemporary; truth/observation/art and being hilarious at the same time?

The man is a f**ing living and breathing miracle.

Give him an award right now! Any award. Jag säger prisutdelning nu!

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I Don’t Care, You Will Boot In 42 Seconds Or Less

December 6th, 2017 Comments off

Damn it!

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Merak Is Not Feeling Well

December 6th, 2017 Comments off

And Alkaid already had a broken screen and even worse an US keyboard.

The screen? That’s irritating/annoying. The keyboard? That’s just plain upsetting.

It looks like… FF* broke Merak, if that is the case that’s not good, at all. Behaving strangely. I backed-up and cleaned the disk to gain performance not… this. It could be MS of course.

“Merak” and “Alkaid” are my machines. They are (almost) identical, in any event they are of the same make and probably year. However, they’re not clones. T510 and W510, please, don’t upset them.

My machines are named. They all bear names of existing stars in our galaxy.

What? Why? Are they all from the same constellation? Yes, madame/sir. Indeed they are. Mm, each and everyone; “Pechda” is on the network , so is, “Thalida” and “Dubhe” by the way. Maybe it is obvious but those are “Arabic” names and that is not a coincidence. Seemed to forgotten a thing or two.  And one or two more on the network. I like machines.

I need a new disk or rather Merak needs one. A faster one.

* No, it is not a dirty word. FF = Firefox, the web browser? You know, for kids?

On a completely different note. No, driving your truck at high speed at 04:30 does not impress me at all. It seems moronic to me. Nor does calling me at 07:30 in the morning. Simply to inform me that you have/will decided or have the intention to visit me at 10:00 o’clock the following day. That’s just… crazy/insane.

Honestly? Is that how “people” actually live their lives? Really? Maybe, just maybe. It is a hard read, however K.Marx did write it… a long time ago. So I’m not having any of that. I mean do you really want to be a slave?

“Men…? J****? Så kan du inte säga!”

Mm, I’m saying no. I’m telling you to read what the old man wrote.


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December 5th, 2017 Comments off

I sent my little one to pick up a package that belonged to him.

With my ID and his ID. He was refused and he came back deeply disappointed and angry. And I made him disappointed?

And you all say that you have his best interest in mind? Right? Are you really sure about that?

Are you honestly concerned about the little one? That would be my son? I don’t think that I believe you.

You don’t care about my little one. I mean you don’t even know him, in all honesty you don’t really know my son.

You are in fact not interested in my little one at all. You simply don’t like me. That is OK.

You don’t have to like me. And I actually may not like you either. But we are all adults right?

My son does not have anything to do with all of that. I know who you are and I know what you have done to us. I will not forget what you have done to us. Ever.

I did return and I picked up the parcel with the very same ID?

I did not even need to use my little sister’s testament, ensuring that I am in fact the individual that I am.

Do you not understand how undermining it is to the overall trust in the system? Or do you even care?

My little one was devastated when he came home and had failed? Can you not understand that? It was the same ID? Do you even care?

So, why is your ID invalid? Or what the hell is wrong with you? Now that is a fair question. I did not know. I did not care and I’m sorting it tomorrow.

With the police. I don’t like the police. Little sis, will have to say, that I am who I am. That’ll be interesting.

Did get the package.

Please! Don’t break the belief of the young! Just don’t do that. They need to believe (everyone needs to).

Flux. I just hate it!

Picture: Jump! A warm and funny, funny day with the little boys down by the river! We started out slowly…


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