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Signs IX


Signs VIII

Please see: Signs Series.

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Signs VII

Min morfar jobbar här = My grandfather works here. Håll avstånd och visa hänsyn, tack ♥ = Keep distance and show consideration, thanks ♥ Please see: Signs Series.

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Signs V

Symbols and signs have a meaning. It has already happened. It’s been a long while since I saw the markings. The youth are the future and it is simply a question of education. “It” is a 5000 year old symbol representing Helios, that is our sun. The one star in our solar system. One of… Continue reading Signs V

Signs IV

The writing reads: ISTAPPAR —————————————- BETRÄD PÅ EGEN RISK! ICE TAPS —————————————- ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Signs III

The black plaque reads: Kreativitet Kvalitet Kommunikation = Creativity Quality Communication whereas the sign on the door reads: Soprum = Garbage room. However it is a really upscale address in central Stockholm.

Signs II

Direction – the glove fell from the coat hanger and landed on the hall floor exactly in that position (I promise.). Discarded solitaires – salvaged one-by-one, each everyone of them. On the move – on the other side of the ocean. The slippers’ feet are located to the east on the opposite side of the… Continue reading Signs II