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Farbror Blå

Farbror Blå aka Uncle Blue. That’s all good and well. However, I still got rights even though I’m just a regular citizen; an average Joe if you will. I’m just: “- En enkel drum’n’bass kille från söder om söder.” That would be the SoSo perspective… – When can I go home plz?” It’s just wrong.… Continue reading Farbror Blå

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Fabror Blå III

Fig 1. Fig 2. 1. I can swear that the helicopter was in the shoot, but it is no where to be found*. As always occupied doing professional policing such as traffic monitoring: in order to avoid serious accidents, congestion or given the times possibly upholding the Corona restrictions set in place. 2. To the… Continue reading Fabror Blå III

Fabror Blå II

Is it a professionally secured crime scene executed by Stockholm’s finest: farbror blå (uncle blue) aka the police? Please see: Farbror Blå.

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Green Valley

No comment, except. They’re every where and nowhere at the same time… high speed, lights on and then turned mid-way and went in the opposite direction at very high speed. Please see:

The Haddock Dictionary

An unofficial SoSo Perspective parley. It contains vast amounts of foul language (swearing) so paranatal guidance is definitely recommended. Tintin never swear, smoke or drink. Tintin does not have a girlfriend or have… Tintin does not hug or kiss anybody ever… C’est Tintin! It is work in progress; here goes… ============================================ ============================================ Ajee! All bets… Continue reading The Haddock Dictionary

Well… What Did You Expect, Dressed Like That?

In Brixton, London a long, long time ago… trying to get a cab, dressed in an all white Swedish Army winter combat suit? It was a good call not to wear the face mask* as I did earlier the same evening. Because, then I would probably never have returned from Brixton. Altern 8 4-ever! –… Continue reading Well… What Did You Expect, Dressed Like That?