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More Dolor

No punt intended… well that’s actually not entirely true. Never mind that, if you like “Gun City”, “Sister” and the recently mentioned “5 9. 0”? Then there’re two more: “Ruby” and “Ara”. Equally excellent and brilliant contemporary electronic stuff. I mean something, anything containing a title/track called: “Sorry, Prince (Wenh U Wwere Mine Cover)” and… Continue reading More Dolor

Again!? Dolor

There is something very, very special about this track… (actually is the whole album) and it is exciting. Dolor ‎– Metropoles – Gun City – Not On Label (Dolor (3) Self-released) ‎– none – 2016. It is still unreleased? Or is it? Different. But, that’s just because Funcken played it? Well, it doesn’t really work… Continue reading Again!? Dolor

A Contender

Work in progress… Quarantine Blues Freestyle is special in the same way as Gun City – a strong contender for track of the year. The album (as always) is excellent. More to come. Lock and load, no turning back now… Ouch… Oh, we got to play now! A smile? An old man frown now, never… Continue reading A Contender


“Fortsätt lyssna…” https://www.discogs.com/Dolor-5-9-0/release/11287563

Tribe Was Does It Mean?

I looked. I was hesitent. I was thinking about playing “Dolor”. I saw something familiar. Decoders’s Dissection album. That is… true breaks. Any or everyday. Funny thing. I was young then. Haha, no you can not and you will not. Photek, J Majik and Source Direct? It is not a contest. “It is Art.”. Decoder?