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The Bridge Is Over II

The front tire is looking A-Ok; the rear is very close to a catastrophic failure (disintegration/puncture)… I will carry her home: the princess Yu, that is. It is time for change.

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The Bridge Is Over

The front tire is looking A-Ok; the rear is very close to a catastrophic failure (disintegrate/puncture). It is immanent; we’re down to the cord now… Yet, we still need to break hard. No treads left, slipping and sliding widely during breaking. And, yes the front and rear used to look the same there were identical… Continue reading The Bridge Is Over

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Om Unit – Self – Cosmic Bridge – CBRLP 001D

Related would you not say? I haven’t not heard the album yet. But, since I really don’t like all caps (executive of resurface.se.). I’m just going to rewrite some of it. Oh, my this is good music. Contemporary and ancient at the same time. Is “Cold Love” that short? Mm, the 1:30 attention-span-shortage-mixing… it is… Continue reading Om Unit – Self – Cosmic Bridge – CBRLP 001D

I’ll Be Damned If I Do And Damned If I Don’t

Again? History? That is D+R? M**** F****! Album: Lost in the Moment. Track in question? Replicate. For the record this is absolutely not my favourite track at all. My favourite track is: Hunter and I would have bought the entire thing solely because of that single track. Why? That is basically crazy! However, 25 years… Continue reading I’ll Be Damned If I Do And Damned If I Don’t

Béton Brut, It’s Not

Concrete is naturally grey, but does that entail or guarantee any trace of Béton Brut? One of the two building constellations pictured above is most definitely not. What about proportion and scale? The public’s expert opinion seems to be that the thing that matters is that they (everything and anything built) should resemble/mimic the surrounding… Continue reading Béton Brut, It’s Not

Raw Iron

It is “Sinterkula” an iron sphere that is a product of iron ore extraction. I found it in Norberg; 60° 5′ 0″ N, 15° 57′ 0″ E (at the Festival); it is approximately ⌀24 mm in diameter, quite heavy, it is oxidated and it is most definitely made of iron Fe26. Sinter, geologisk och kemikalisk… Continue reading Raw Iron

D’où Je Viens XXI

Fig 1. Fig 2. Fig 3. Fig 4. Fig 5. Fig 6. Wire and bridge, not a wire bridge. It’s a golden bridge, made in China, but not the golden one. Because, it is, in all eventuality not golden at all, it’s red. Vital information. Grate view. Close grate view. Professional electrical outdoor installation (PEOI).… Continue reading D’où Je Viens XXI

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Definitely not an early adopter in this case – most definitely not. The Handmaid’s Tale was originally published in 1985 by the author Margaret Atwood. And apparently she is of Canadian decent, incidentally, there is another author whom I have read intensely/extensively that also happens to be of Canadian decent. And if my memory does… Continue reading Junebug

Completely Out Of Control They Are…

The netlabels… el-ljud, aerotone, Touched, Silent Flow etc. That’s litterally more than 1000 tracks or probably closer to ten. “Touched” are releasing compilations exceeding 400 tracks? “Silent Flow” has 129 releases since 2009. The recently found Aerotone label (apparently defunked since long) and earlier mentioned Silent Flow needs special attention. No, that is not accurate,… Continue reading Completely Out Of Control They Are…