Deeply Disappointed

Once in my life I tried Suketter, that was very long, long time ago. I, my little sister and our oldest cousin were intrigued by the little white pills contained in the white and blue box. – What are those? – They’re sugar pills for the coffee. I personally never understood why you would want… Continue reading Deeply Disappointed

Dom + Roland

And “Delta” is even better than “Hunter”… I just don’t know what to do with myself. Exact. And I’m supposed to be a grown up person/individual? The track is impossible and I am lost for words. It is… relentless. I can not describe it. The love. I’m broken for real now.

Analogue Information

It is spelled 3l3ctr0 and no you probably don’t understand. It is a postcard. It is a universal-sized piece of printed paper) with space for a stamp. And it actually reads: eMail (required for receiving information, sorry)

This Is 3l3C7R0!

What can I say? Since I was 13 years old. Is it a secret? Not really, I was born 1970, so that would be 1983. Has it always been electro, I guess so, I danced and I was young. It is my/our music and it always been like that. It is special to me. Eternal… Continue reading This Is 3l3C7R0!

Not On The Wall VII

Yet, more discarded artefacts. For being a Dehringer® eight (8) channel mixer and seemingly in working order (it started just fine and all the LED:s and gauges seems to be in working order). Status? as new/unused. Ultra-flexible 8-channel Splitter/Mixer Model MX882 Dehringer® 19″ rack mounted salvage from the trash. The little brother/sister is here. The… Continue reading Not On The Wall VII

Just When I Thought I Was Out They Pull Me Back In!

Dom + Roland – Hunter – Lost In The Moment – DRP – 2020 Impossible tune! It is a lucky escape that I did not hear it unheard on the dance floor. Because I would have been hospitalised fo’ su’. Impossible tune… – But isn’t Dom + Roland one of your favourite artists, right? –… Continue reading Just When I Thought I Was Out They Pull Me Back In!

Support A Free HK V!

Beware! Too Late… Support A Free HK! Support A Free HK II! Support A Free HK III! Support A Free HK IV! Think About It… Hard

Think About It… Hard

Before mass leaders seize the power to fit reality to their lies, their propaganda is marked by its extreme contempt for facts as such, for in their opinion fact depends entirely on the power of man who can fabricate it. THE ORIGINS OF TOTALITARIANISM HANNAH ARENDT SCHOCKEN BOOKS 1951