If I Ask You?

I ask you? Electro (what is it?) and you answer me “Electronic music”. That will not do. That is not an answer. It doesn’t mean anything? Void. It may be an honest response, but it is devoid of meaning. It is upsetting. I don’t know or I don’t care? Genre is not the question. I… Continue reading If I Ask You?

The Ghost

The ghost? Is so many things. The ghost is your past. The ghost is what you can not accept, the ghost is the thing that you can not run from. The ghost is your history. The ghost is the love of your life. The ghost is your favorite book, painting, song or memory. And it… Continue reading The Ghost

Gustaf Gustafson

Kan inte ta reda på vad knasskallarna håller på med? Gustaf vet inte vad de religösa knasarna håller på med? Vill inte du veta det? Symbolerna i vapenskölden? Fasces? I Rom för länge sedan? För att skydda Kejsaren. Det finns rätt många andra än från mellan. T.ex. våldsamma Buddister? Jag tycker att det är märkligt.… Continue reading Gustaf Gustafson

Just To Be Clear

I am the crazy one. I am completly out of control. I scare people. However, I am not wearing a helmet? I am not screaming at my phone? I do not have young children wearing helmets running in the street? And yet, I am the crazy one? I am waiting for my headphones to recharge.… Continue reading Just To Be Clear

2017? There Must Be A World Full Of New And Exiting Things To Discover?

Right? I’m pretty sure that I am neither new nor exciting (well for the sake of the argument) in any case I am not new. Always new “out-of-the-box”, but no I am not new. Interesting to see what upsets “people” these days. It reminds my of worried comments in the late eighties. – “Are you… Continue reading 2017? There Must Be A World Full Of New And Exiting Things To Discover?