This Is Not A Submarine

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Guess the refs.? Here’s a clue; one of them is as quintessentially Belgic as the other is not; the reference that is.

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Your Carry-on Luggage Is Overweight!

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Seeing is believing right? But, who, whom, what, how did this come about? Was it:

– I want to take this sign home with me on the train.

So, what I’m looking at right now? The distance of manual transport? No less or minimum 86 meters… That’s just… and where exactly is the Rapid Response And Recovery Street Sign Team (RRARSST) when you do actually need them?

No where to be seen or found? And that is frankly an as shocking as it is an alarming realisation. The non-existant presence of the RRARSST, that is.

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Not On The Wall III

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It is yet another discarded artefact. Please see: Not On The Wall I and Not On The Wall II or search for “On The Wall”.

It is a restoration project – it does need a cleaning, but more interestingly is that someone used this very item not long ago. Why? Because it is functioning and is running on dry batteries.

Yet, it s from the late 50’s or the early 60’s. Investigation is pending, it’s an AM/FM radio and one thing is apparent… I need a larger antenna, much larger antenna.

I think I may actually be one to something here for once… why? Randomness is harder to find than most or anybody probably would assume, that being said, true (mathematical) randomness is even more elusive (I will damn probability for an eternity!).

Yet another idea may have been born. There’s a signal on the AM band; timed three long and three short ( —… ), surely it must be Morse code? It is a continuous transmission around the clock (24 hrs a day) as far as I know.

But, what is it? Is a radio beacon or a lonely satellite? I don’t know. I will find out, I rather like it together with the random static.

Machine is singing. Three long and three short ( —… ) means “:”? The signal is there and it is well received.

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I Agree!

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Bike On Car Roof To Ride Or Run

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I think I’ll take my car to ride my bike down a hill or to the gym and run on the treadmill; I think I’ll take my car. do not read/say the licence plate out loud! Then I’ll wash it (the bike) for an hour…

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Noctis Or 4 AM

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A Thing Of Beauty IX

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It Is Raining Again?

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Can It Really Be 3,162277‬2 Years Ago?

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Ten year anniversary!

Oh, My lord! It is tear-jerkeringly good music. Ten years later. Tempo shifts? The electronic funk? Unbelievable production.*

What? I am talking about Ludvig Elblaus’s Trials album**. It is one of my favourites and in contains tracks that are out of this world. Beautiful and with a complexity that is unusual; among the many that I own “Trials” is unique and it happens to include; SoSo Perspective.

– Well are not all precisely that?
– That is true, however there are other factors. There’s time and space and context. Listening to it now? The only conclusion that is possible is that it was to good and not from the UK in 2010.

It is a brutally well constructed album and to my mind it is literally timeless. You can play it however you want, that would be at Summerburst or on your silly phone…

It just don’t get any better. Sublime album!

* “- There could be details that I would like to change, but if I do then they will become my songs. In my mind this release does not need any mastering at all and I’m pressed for time anyhow. Simply put there’s just nothing to be professionally done with this. It would just be a complete waste of my time.”

** Is that not your own label? Never mind, but indeed it was (together with Jaques Lueder). Inveterately I messed up the CMYK on the artwork/label cover. It was a disappointment, however it was a long time ago, a decade ago to be more precise.

3,162277‬2? is equal to 9,999995824729‬ (using 12 decimals) and that is close enough to 10 according to me.

I’m humbled and thankful!

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These Are The Sticks

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There are two of them, they’re 750 mm long and Ø 17 mm in diameter (measured with ruler and tape) and they’re made out of pine wood.

They will not break upon skull or other impact and will not break upon repeated usage. They’re laminated pine wood…

The force needed to break them (or their integral structure) is significant to say the least and most likely exceeds the capabilities of any (normal) human being.

Personally? I’m quite confident that they will not break on impact. Then again you cannot be sure, I mean until you’ve actually try then you would not know for certain, right?

These are the sticks (tools)…, practice (action), 1020 (current number of posts). Seen?

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