Fingers In The Air

Har du någonsin haft fingrarna i luften? Någonsin? Vad?!!! = Have you ever had your fingers in the air? Ever? What?!!! Ja, men har du det eller (inte)? Bass Culture. Foreverness. Drum’n’Bass. When you are overwhelmed by emotion+ You are supposed to be “in control”, but you are from that and you feel free. You… Continue reading Fingers In The Air

I’ll Be Damned If I Do And Damned If I Don’t

Again? History? That is D+R? M**** F****! Album: Lost in the Moment. Track in question? Replicate. For the record this is absolutely not my favourite track at all. My favourite track is: Hunter and I would have bought the entire thing solely because of that single track. Why? That is basically crazy! However, 25 years… Continue reading I’ll Be Damned If I Do And Damned If I Don’t

Home Schooling?

Pros and cons? Oi, Oi Duggi!!! They need to learn?! Uncle Dugs 92′ innit’ no limit all ravin’ cru! Holdin’ it down tight! Watch those basslines… The one and only Uncle Dugs. Is our radio station: One-O-six-point-eight FM up on the dial!


I love you to bits! But, The Stones still aren’t among my favourites…