Bike With Labels

Now a days she’s all covered in stickers/labels. Fig 01. Fig 02. Fig 03. Fig 04. Fig 05. Fig 06. Fig 07. Fig 08. Fig 09. Fig 10. Fig 11. Fig 12. Fig 01. Hymen Records Fig 02. Merck Fig 03. White Noise Fig 04. Ant-Zen Fig 05. Asymmetric Fig 06. Combination Fig 07. Dark… Continue reading Bike With Labels


– Here, just take it! – What? – It is the 12″, it is that track. However, there are prerequisites. If I give you this record there are rules to adhere to. – What? – You will never ever EVER request this track again. – Ever? From You? – No. You will never ever request… Continue reading Culture

Svart Kaffe

It was a small café: called Svart Kaffe (it literally means Black Coffee). It was the business for coffee and sandwiches, it was the drum’n’bass central coffee shop in Stockholm, Sweden. My personal favourite lasted for hours… – Do you take milk? – No, thank you. It’s got to be black. ATM ©1998

Punished By Machines

Avid sci-fi reader in my youth (reality catches up). Isaac Asimov is an all time favourite – five (5) rational AI* to govern the World, one for each continent as it were. Then: Ray Bradbury, George Orwell, Joseph Heller, Karin Boye, Stanisław Lem, Philip K. Dick, William Gibson and Doris Lessing… maybe not related depending… Continue reading Punished By Machines