The Little One

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My father for one. And I can not begin to explain what is going on. The output? The music? Well it speaks for it self. Nuff said, it is just basically impossible.

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The day immediately before today; one day ago.

Today is the child of yesterday and the parent of tomorrow.


No comment. It was a long time ago or another day.

Eller… exakt hur gullig kan man va? Jag menar… titta pa bilden.

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Var Du På Profylaxen Eller?

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Jag var där… med andningsövningarna och nervositeten.

“- Are you sure? (at 3 AM)”
She was very angry… at the time. Angry beautiful.

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Yo Mama

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Decided that it was going to be your name. Opposed? No, not at all I named you accordingly.

The day you were born? 17 July 2003. It was the hottest recorded and strangest day ever…

“- Are you sure? (at 3 AM)”

She was angry then and rightfully so, that is a true story… I’m afraid that I might have been a complete idiot.

Including the shortest cab ride in recorded history. Destination? Södersjukhuset.

Mm, we’re actually born at the same hospital.

That is the SoSo Perspective to me and you. My most beloved son.

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Beyond Belief

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I know that I should not… do that.

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Stats + Graphs

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Look at those graphs… and then you tell me (What is wrong, what is wrong?*) that chairman Xi is in the right?

That cross section and beyond? Oh, my sweet Lord! Look at the graphs.

It was a long time ago I dabbled with maths and graphs, but looking at these ones… what can I say?

  1. Orange = Infected mainland China.
  2. Green = Recovered globally (including China).
  3. Orange = Infected mainland China 10th of March 2020.
  4. Yellow = Infected rest of the World 18thof March 2020.

I did see it, however I did not foresee it… now the infection is completely out of control and quite frankly it is scary. You are being a hysteric? No, seriously look at the graphs. I mean just look at the steepness of that graph…

The 18th of March 2020.

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I Need To To Kit The Little Bear

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It just need to be done.

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Fig 1.

Fig 2.

Fig 3.

Fig 4.

Fig 5.

  1. Always on the on position

That is I and not 0.

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D’où Je Viens XXI

March 15th, 2020 Comments off

Fig 1.

Fig 2.

Fig 3.

Fig 4.

Fig 5.

Fig 6.

  1. Wire and bridge, not a wire bridge. It’s a golden bridge, made in China, but not the golden one. Because, it is, in all eventuality not golden at all, it’s red.
  2. Vital information.
  3. Grate view.
  4. Close grate view.
  5. Professional electrical outdoor installation (PEOI).
  6. Another bridge and golden reflection.

This is where I live.

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Left Behind II

March 15th, 2020 Comments off

What ever happened the instant before someone decided “- I’m not wearing these shoes no more this day/night!”. What happened after they were left behind? I always wonder…

The laces must have been replaced recently because they were spotless, all white and clearly brand new. And yet, someone decided to step out of them; halfway of reaching the summit of Katarinaberget. Midway up the stairs…

– Where are your shoes?

Please see: Left Behind.

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