Täby And Return

The little black bear and I took a round-trip from Årstberg to Täby centrum. It is a 50 km ride depending on your navigation skills… apart from the slightly chilly weather, somewhat slippery road surface and the fact that the breaks front and back are completely shot,** it was a truly nice ride. Time of… Continue reading Täby And Return

A Thing Of Bruty

Discarded, found, collected and in perfect working order. I’ll drill my way trough your wall/door and then I’ll saw my way into your home… time? It is not really a factor, power-supply, however? It might be an issue, but a stand-alone-petrol/gasoline/mixed generator would sort that out. Using nothing but power tools. Then again: oxygen and… Continue reading A Thing Of Bruty

I Am Strangely Affected

Yes, it is yet another loss… yet, another funeral and one being remotely situated in time, and I am strangely affected. Why is that? I’m not entirely sure and I am indeed somewhat surprised of it being like so. I would not have thought so. I’m holding a wake of some sort and that is… Continue reading I Am Strangely Affected

Destination? Out-And-About…

Previous evening’s company? AC, Fabio & Grooverider on the unstoppable: rinse.fm. Of course, off course, and of course on course. “Let It Go!” on Twisted Individual’s label Grid Recordings. I am speechless (it is a an uncommon state, believe it or not). The unconditional love for drum’n’bass? – Are you some kind of fanatic? –… Continue reading Destination? Out-And-About…

Support A Free HK!

I always thought the “change” would be significantly more visible. I thought that I would get a clear; tangible “evidence” of the change… in my life-time. Then the time passed. It may or not have happened, but with the decades’ passing, what more proof do I really need? In all honestly it has already happened.… Continue reading Support A Free HK!

Six Millions Ways To Die…

…a lost generation, ‘always yearning for the time that just eluded us’: those who were born too late for punk but whose expectations were raised by incendiary afterglow; those who watched the Miners’ Strike with partisan adolescent eyes but were too young to really participate in the militancy; those who experienced the future-rush euphoria of… Continue reading Six Millions Ways To Die…

För och till kännedom

Det är många här i Finland som har vant sig vid att få skrivelser till kännedom och tycker att uttrycket för kännedom tyder på okunskap eller ”rikssvensk” brist på känsla för prepositionsbruk. Hur, varför och med vems bemyndigande har begreppet för kännedom nu så fullständigt översvämmat alla instanser[?]… För och till kännedom. No further comment.… Continue reading För och till kännedom