The City

It is a concept, an idea of sorts; Tokyo, Paris, London or Copenhagen. The city is an entity of its own. Always dynamic and depending on many views, architecture being one of them. So, maybe I am not a materialst after all, after all these years? The buildings being constructed in my city right now?… Continue reading The City

For Ever, Ever, Ever And Ever?

Yes, for ever, ever, ever and ever. Fabio & Grooverider on I can’t imagine a more beautiful thing on a crisp, bone-chilling Sunday in the very Northern regions of the civilised World. Emperor Hadrianus was clearly a sensible man, he constructed the wall on an island mid-continental. The unsurpassable Caeser left the Germanics to… Continue reading For Ever, Ever, Ever And Ever?


Folkhemmet Folkhemmet, the Swedish Welfare State, is a term used by social democratic politician Per Albin Hansson to describe an equal society without class differences, characterised by mutual understanding. In Folkhemmet’s Sweden, everyone was entitled to decent housing. The era of Folkhemmet was roughly between 1930 and 1965. The housing situation in Sweden in the… Continue reading Remember?