The Small Pleasures In Life

A semi-funtioning WiFi-scanner. A salvaged multi-function waste machine? As I may have mentioned the other one stopped functioning due to lack of software drivers and it did not have these capabilities (another manufacturer I might add). Expering a choking amount of HW failures lately. “Fan Error”? The replacement has to arrive from Hong Kong. I’m… Continue reading The Small Pleasures In Life

Broke The Mould

It was bound to happen rigth? Sooner or later? Decoder? The label is called Hardleaders? Do you know? Photek and Source Direct. What? Listen. Break me? Decoder and Hardleaders’ would do that and they did. It was always a favourite album, now? I don’t know. It is not 1998 is it?

I Think That I

No. There is nothing better. I don’t care what you think that you did hear. “Decorder” on Hardleaders? That’s it. I went to Uppsala to listen to it. What? No, that’s it. No discussion. No arguments. No, “I feel that”. Pure f*****g breaks! Either you like it or you don’t. No considerations. These are the… Continue reading I Think That I

They Say

…that the late and departed Mr. M. Fisher has left something behind. Texts. A last text… supposedly named “Acid Communism”. If that is indeed true, I honestly don’t know what to do. Until I read it. That is.

Party Up

All dressed up? “Up in here?” And no where to go? No, the original plan was early and easy. Yet, “If you don’t want to party? Your *** go to go.”* Then an impossibly long sequence of completely random events occurred and eventually it turned out to be the best night out ever. Ever? Ever!… Continue reading Party Up

Mon Père

“If you can’t afford to keep your Rolls’ clean? Then, you can´t really afford to own one?” 2017 equivalent. “If can’t afford to park your car? Then, you can’t really afford to own one?” My father never owned a Rolls’… neither do I for that matter and even if I did I would probably not… Continue reading Mon Père

Om Unit Has Trancended

The way he is playing at His latest set? It’s… simply put dangerous. And I did not even know until yesterday that he has “air-time” (mm, “Rinse” was an actual radio station… you know old-school in the air hence the trem “air-time”). Brutal/leathal breaks. I’m almost a little afraid (no not really). The breaks… Continue reading Om Unit Has Trancended

That’s Well Over 30 Years Or More Of Hard Labour?

The ***** ******** R? Ruff Ryders? Bass? So, now its popular? What exactly are you telling me? The R? But, surely you know about the “R” right? Jada, Eve, Swizz, The Lox and DMX? They all belong to the “R”. Out of NY, Yonkers? You know that? I was laughed at as a teen? What… Continue reading That’s Well Over 30 Years Or More Of Hard Labour?