I Encountered “The (Real) Persuader”!

The man is pure music. He is a regular man. But, of the undercover kind. Defining, “deep house” or possibly the creator of the whole thing alongside the crazy French guy (that turned out to be Swizz and that is not the same thing… belive you me.) and some others. The 1999 album “Stockholm”. It… Continue reading I Encountered “The (Real) Persuader”!


Almighty. Worshipping the Sun makes sense to me. The other stuff? Does not. A man? Any man or woman for that mater, walking this earth and in fact being a God? Honestly? Why would a God have a gender to begin with and if that would be the case surely it would not be male?… Continue reading Helios

KAAR 1 – 20 Yrs

Anthony Rother – Sex With The Machines – Kanzleramt – KAAR 1 CD – 1997 “…A funny way, I’m human made.” It is now two decades old, shy of a month. That is quite unbelievable. I actually recall that exact day. If it was not the same month, it can’t have been that much long… Continue reading KAAR 1 – 20 Yrs