Friend Or Foe?

Observation and analysis tells me that it is a highly relevant question at this point in time.

There’s trouble ahead on a global scale.

– So, which one are You? Are you my friend or foe?

The difference is fundamental.

Why? Because, the “great” War is coming, for the third time, yes again… and we will have to fight yet another time.

“Four Senegalese Soldiers” (not dated.) # Paul Castelnau / Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication / The First World War


There’s another altogether different perspective, extremely personal and somewhat unsettling. And as many times before there’s a contemporary reference*. The reference referred to would be the epic movie 12 Monkeys.

The soldier wearing the red hat in the picture is disturbingly and I mean in a disturbing way an exact copy my father. And I do mean everything, the look and the posture. It is uncanning, because it is literally like looking at a photograph of my father.

– So?
– Well, I happen to know exactly when he was born and this undated picture must have been taken 1914 til’ 1918 during the 1st war.

The picture is more than a hundred years old and it was taken sometime during World War One (1914-18), however my father was born during the Second World War (1939-45).

Look closely at the photo. And observe that the loading mechanism and mussel are protected against the mud with pieces of socks. One hundred years ago? I’m lost for words…