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No comment or you will find it in the texts, the thing we’re all looking for.

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Ice & Water

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Outside temperature is behaving strangely. It is at least 15 degrees centigrade above the normal temperature? It should be five or 10 below zero now? The Polar bears can’t hunt, because they need ice… they’re excellent swimmers, but they can’t hunt in open water like the Orcas do… Muddy and brown Polar bears? It’s as worrying as it’s concerning.

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Tricouleurs + One

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And the odd one out would be?

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18000 – 10000 BC

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Aesthetics are nothing but convention(s); either they are hard to change or have been the same and will remain so or they’re just recurring?

The figurine pictured is at supposedly at least 12000 years old… does its shape not seem somewhat familiar? Kim K. anyone?

Gregor Paulsson

Women's figurine, Savignano, Italy

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Climate Chg Is A Hoax I?

December 8th, 2019 Comments off

It is the 8th December 2019. I’ve never seen my sky look like that.

I recall the 13th December 1984/85. It was a cold very early Lucia* day, the snow was standing at least 1,5 meters or more and the air was completely still.

I remember, that initially I was just discontent and displeased with the early hour (as many or most teenagers probably would be till this day).

Then, suddenly, when I walked together with my classmates/friends literally surrounded by walls of snow, seeing the actual air crystallise* in front of my very won eyes on a cold and early morning.

The outdoor torches burning/flickering, like they were gasping for air in the complete darkness and/or simple lack of sun-light in the very early morning.

I remember feeling (and this quite some time ago); or thinking that, this is actually quite beautiful and unique and that it this is nice even-though it is pitch black, cold and extremely early in the morning. The distinct feeling that I will not experience this moment again, ever in my life. Because grown-ups (that I would have to become at some point in time) do not stay up all night in waiting for the celebration of Lucia (“Luciavaka”) and that I will probably not be doing this again, ever.

Visiting/walking to “Församlingshuset” that morning and celebrating Lucia; no matter how reluctant, sulking, tired or forced I was feeling that particular day, just being another young citizen will always be entrenched and remain one of many of my fond adolescent memories.

Looking out of my window now? What now? Well, the 13th December is five days away, yet it is raining and even if the ambient temperature would drop dramatically and 1500 mm of snow would fall?

I have a hard time accepting that it is still not an accepted fact. I can see it with my own eyes? Where is the cold and the snow? I’ve seen crystal clear ice a half meter thick in the vicinity.

We have managed to affect a system that is billions of years in the making in 200 years or so. That is a fact. I can see that in 30 years or so. From a system’s perspective? I can understand the sentiment from my peers; the system analysts. It can’t be done. Not, on a global scale, there must be other long-term mechanisms at play.

The system is to large, it’s simply not possible to introduce that kind of change on such a short time-scale. The system is to large and complex and it is impossible to introduce dramatic change.

Yet, this is not “normal” weather for the season. It should be locked in the grip of Winter a long time ago. It’s December… It is + 6° and raining in Stockholm right now? But, it should be – 10° or below and snowing hard.

* Technically it is not the “air”, it is the water in the air that turns into ice-crystals, changing aggregate state from liquid into solid. That’s when you you exhale and you get ice forming in your nose or your breath will form ice crystals in you eyebrows or eyelashes. That’s, when it is cold outside.

“- It’s not that cold and you will go outside now!”

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This Is A Ride!

November 17th, 2019 Comments off

No further comments or it would transport a complete 2 x 2 x 18″ sound system: speakers, amp, pre-amp and filter in a 19″ cabinet, two turntables (Technics 1210 goes without a saying), 4-channel mixer (Pioneer 500 with out a doubt), incl. lighting, projector, screen, all cabling, personnel and duct tape.

A well-organized packing strategy was needed. The suspension would be suffering a tad though, but only once a month.

However, there’s a far worse case scenario (than stressing the suspension) and that would be if the ride happened to be stolen. Driven at high speed by someone under the influence listening to full-on-all-the-way euro-techno*, geared-up for the next break-in, across a round-about (apparently you could see the tire tracks quite clearly) and into an apartment building just below a balcony.

There’s nothing like a Saab on the road!**

That right there is the same make and model as the original (and only) Electronic Desert motorcar.

I visited the scrap-yard. And it was a sad, truly sad, and I mean a really, really sad, sad day.

– Is there something to be salvage from the wreck?
– No, there is nothing left of value.
– What is that?
– It is a bag of tricks to commit crime. Consisting of VERY large screwdrivers and a oversized cutter.
– It is all useless (the bag, its content including the entire car in its last state was left as it was found. It was a sad day.)?
– Yes, and this ride is broken. Honestly, I can’t even afford to scrap it.
– But, Is it not insured?
– Of course it is insured, however, the insurance will not even cover the cost of scrapping it even less so buying a similar one.
– I’m truly, truly sorry… It is a sad day.

I do not know this for a fact, but this model/make of car is/was apparently one of the easiest to steal. If that’s accurate it is a shame really because it is a truly great ride. It’s a SAAB!

This text is wholeheartedly and without question dedicated to the one and only; You Can Run But You Can’t Hide Jaques Lueder.

I’ve never seen a more tired man/human being than that day at the scrap-yard. Facing the actuality and accepting the destiny of a humble man, as a man, and head-on. In all its harshness and brutality, the reaction was also a thing of beauty. The life.

The definition of a: Vaa faaan…?*** moment. Why in the name of the good Lord did you have steal that car?

* An actual non-Swedish quote in reference to… Jaguar. No, obviously I’m not joking and it is true.

** It was the first sound that was heard as the ignition key was turned for the last time. The stereo’s sound control was set to max…

*** Rough translation: What the hell…?

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The Tie

November 16th, 2019 Comments off

The Posthuman tie…

– That’s a nice tie.
– Here, take it! I don’t want it anymore!
– Are you sure? It’s a Cardin…?
– Just take it!

Wearing it today with the same pride as always. It takes a nation of millions to hold down

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Disturbingly Good

November 11th, 2019 Comments off

This is work in progress… I’m dazed and confused by Shitkid.

It just seems wrong. Why in the name of the Lord would you ever make a cover of My Favorite Thing? The short and simple answer? You would not ever do that.

On top of it all I’ve been and I still am a haunted man, haunted by the music of the 68:s (it’s not a typo, not 60’s music, but the music of the 68:s); “Nous sommes les soixante-huits?!” – that would be my parents self-proclaimed credo!

A statement, something which there will never be any; contesting/argument or reasoning applied to, ever. An absolute truth if you will.

For the record and the very last time; if you listen to the Stones or Hendrix you do not under any circumstance listen to the Beatles. Ever. Why? Because that is the definition of a contradiction… and it goes on and on.

Pink Floyd will automatically cancel other time specific groups/songs etc. In as many words: I’m going to be haunted for an eternity by one specific year and month. Mai soixante-huit (May 68) and I wasn’t even born at that time.

I need to get the references right. “- Please be gentle with me. I’m not as tuff as I seem.”. Give me a minute will you.

Cut to the chase anytime soon? Right…, the “This is it” EP is excellent! Minimal and with a raw, ruthless and a honesty that is unusual these days. It’s simply not possible to resist the vocals and the un-shameful sampling of earlier works.

If you happen to know anything or have listened to any contemporary music made the last decades or so. I mean Minneapolis, AFX or is it æ in the same song? That’s a wild thing right there. And I love it!

…a very brightly shining star is born. Let’s name her: Shitkid (the name in itself deserves a text. But, I’m just going to let it be, that’ll be one for the road). Excellent.

Symbolic Appliance

November 10th, 2019 Comments off

Falling down. Hard, like in Röde Orm (incidentally a birthday gift from my grandmother a long time ago – bless her soul!). That would be the hammer of Tor (no, no “h” and yes, the reason why “Torsdag” is called Torsdag? It is the day of Tor, the hammer making thunder day.

Depending on context; like the other symbol representing the sun that is at least five thousand years old.

“Symbols”? They will always be dependent of: perspective/context/history.


Enligt asatron ägde åskguden Tor en hammare som kallades Mjölner, som betyder ”krossaren”.

I’m just saying…

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I Once Actually Believed…

November 10th, 2019 Comments off

That the breaks were dead and gone. Those were unhappy times.

I looked hard and everywhere, of course I did find them eventually (with help, because if no one is playing it will all become literally impossible), silly me doubting something eternal!

I did get the help needed recovering them/me. When I actually thought they were lost. Gowever, I will never doubt again! Ever.

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