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Kaeru 2020

February 25th, 2020 Comments off


Apparently “Frog” and “To return” share the same sign/sound(?) in Japanese namely “Kaeru” or at least something reminiscent of that depending on context and chosen set of characters.

  1. The Future Lost In Parts
  2. The Future Lost In Parts
  3. The Future Lost In Parts

Kaeru – To Return – Resurface

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Not On The Wall III

February 23rd, 2020 Comments off

It is yet another discarded artefact. Please see: Not On The Wall I and Not On The Wall II or search for “On The Wall”.

It is a restoration project – it does need a cleaning, but more interestingly is that someone used this very item not long ago. Why? Because it is functioning and is running on dry batteries.

Yet, it s from the late 50’s or the early 60’s. Investigation is pending, it’s an AM/FM radio and one thing is apparent… I need a larger antenna, much larger antenna.

I think I may actually be one to something here for once… why? Randomness is harder to find than most or anybody probably would assume, that being said, true (mathematical) randomness is even more elusive (I will damn probability for an eternity!).

Yet another idea may have been born. There’s a signal on the AM band; timed three long and three short ( —… ), surely it must be Morse code? It is a continuous transmission around the clock (24 hrs a day) as far as I know.

But, what is it? Is a radio beacon or a lonely satellite? I don’t know. I will find out, I rather like it together with the random static.

Machine is singing. Three long and three short ( —… ) means “:”? The signal is there and it is well received.

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Can It Really Be 3,162277‬2 Years Ago?

February 21st, 2020 Comments off

Ten year anniversary!

Oh, My lord! It is tear-jerkeringly good music. Ten years later. Tempo shifts? The electronic funk? Unbelievable production.*

What? I am talking about Ludvig Elblaus’s Trials album**. It is one of my favourites and in contains tracks that are out of this world. Beautiful and with a complexity that is unusual; among the many that I own “Trials” is unique and it happens to include; SoSo Perspective.

– Well are not all precisely that?
– That is true, however there are other factors. There’s time and space and context. Listening to it now? The only conclusion that is possible is that it was to good and not from the UK in 2010.

It is a brutally well constructed album and to my mind it is literally timeless. You can play it however you want, that would be at Summerburst or on your silly phone…

It just don’t get any better. Sublime album!

* “- There could be details that I would like to change, but if I do then they will become my songs. In my mind this release does not need any mastering at all and I’m pressed for time anyhow. Simply put there’s just nothing to be professionally done with this. It would just be a complete waste of my time.”

** Is that not your own label? Never mind, but indeed it was (together with Jaques Lueder). Inveterately I messed up the CMYK on the artwork/label cover. It was a disappointment, however it was a long time ago, a decade ago to be more precise.

3,162277‬2? is equal to 9,999995824729‬ (using 12 decimals) and that is close enough to 10 according to me.

I’m humbled and thankful!

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What Did You Expect, Dressed Like That?

February 19th, 2020 Comments off

In Brixton, London a long, long time ago… trying to get a cab, dressed in an all white Swedish army winter combat suit?

It was a good call not to wear the face mask* as I did earlier the same evening. Because, then I would probably never have returned from Brixton. Altern 8 4-ever!

– Where?
– North-East to Manor House, please.
– OK. (I am going to help you, i.e. you are not from here and you are in need of urgent help. I can and will supply that help. for a fee).
– I could not hail a cab.
– What did you expect, dressed like that?

I reached my destination. That would be Brixton -> Manor House and you would have to change lines at Finsbury Park, if you where riding the tube, that is…

– Is it walking distance?
– No. It is not, this is London… you know?

* In hindsight, I did realise that I may have overstretched a bit, a tad, when coming to my attire.

And after calming down** I came to the conclusion that the question: “- If you were a cab driver at 05:00 AM in Brixton would you have taken that fare, honestly?” actually had a concrete and quite direct answer.

Please see picture above.

** The rage. Vaa faaan….?! or the unofficial SoSo Perspective ordlista/dictionary:

  • Vad i helvete (är det som pågår)?
  • Helvete!
  • Vad i helvete!
  • Vad i helvete tror du att du håller på med?
  • Men va fan?
  • Fö faan!
  • Va fan? Kom igen!
  • Come on… give me a f**king break?***
  • Come on!
  • Va!
  • Nää!
  • Vad (vill du mig nu)?
  • Vad (är det frågam om) ref. Men Flytta På Dig Dåro!?
  • Men**** vad (är det som pågår)?
  • Vad (är problemet)?
  • Vad är ditt problem?
  • Men varför?
  • Vadåååå?
  • Ta det lugnt.
  • Men lugna ned dig lite va.
  • Det är lugnt (inga problem) alt. Det är lungan.
  • Du skämtar (med mig)?
  • Du skämtar!
  • Dålig stil.
  • Det funkar inte alt. Det är inte funkis!
  • Sluta!
  • Jag blir så jävla trött!
  • Är du [ please fill in the blank space ]:
    • på riktigt?
    • helt dum i huvet? På riktigt?
    • seriös?
    • efterbliven? ex- “Är du helt jävla efterbliven? Vem som helst fattar att det inte funkar!”
    • en jävla bonde?
    • galen?
    • en fucking jävla moron?
  • Du är galen, på riktigt.
  • Det är inte sant!
  • Vilken skön stil!
  • Snubben är ju helt sjuk (i huvet).
  • Helt och hållet retarderad.
  • Fattar du hur jobbig du är just nu?
  • Du är ju farligt:
    • vacker!
    • knasig!
    • söt!
    • duktig!
  • Det där är seriöst farligt.
  • Seriöst?
  • Jag flippar ut!
  • Va fan menar ru?
  • Men va fan menar du nu?
  • Va fan menar du med det?
  • Men vadå?
  • Men vadå rå?
  • Men vad är det nu?
  • Det där är seriöst proper/bra.
  • Fan, vilka skills!
  • Snap!
  • Åh nej, det är snuten…
  • Åh nej.
  • Lastgammal.
  • Nu blir jag orolig, nu blir jag orolig.
  • Nu har du gått för långt (med din stil).
  • Du är… hopplös!
  • Jag tycker att du är jättefin!

“- Det är mycket bra ***** men du måste tona ned dina stockholms E:n…” said Ogenstedt my head mistress in French.

*** My mother absolutely deplores and hates any use of foul language and/or swearing. “- Let me tell you about my mother.” However, it is archaic SoSo speak and thus a part of the SoSo Perspective.

**** You can basically always start any sentence with “Men” or “Meeeen” = “What”. Men, va fan är problemet nu? or Men, fan det här är ju rätt soft eller hur?! And you can basically always end any sentence with “Eller” = “Or”. As in: Men ska vi rulla nu eller?. Are we leaving now or? Är du frisk eller?

– And you are supposed to be a scholar? An educated man of some sort?
– Yes, that is correct. Jag talar korrekt och flytande svenska också…

Intonation is key.

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Casque Rouge

February 15th, 2020 Comments off

The picture is more than a hundred years old and it was taken sometime during World War One (1914-18), however my father was born during the Second World War (1939-45).

Look closely at the picture and observe that the loading mechanism and mussel are protected against the mud with pieces of socks. The person to very right in the picture could be a woman, which would be surprising and there’s actually a fifth person in the picture, to the far left – he (or she?) didn’t make it into the picture.

Who were these people? Fighting hard; a long, long way from home? The photograph is not dated. One hundred years ago? I’m lost for words…

It simply can’t be my father depicted wearing a casque rouge, because that is just not possible. He was in fact not even born at the time, yet, I’m really uncertain regarding the true identity of the person in the picture…

“Four Senegalese Soldiers” (not dated.) # Paul Castelnau / Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication / The First World War


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Pallar Inte Gullis För Cigg Igen…

February 3rd, 2020 Comments off

999 publicerade. Jag är fortfarande vaken men jag pallar inte att åka till Sju-i-luan på Gullis igen.

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Always On The Chain And In The Purse

January 25th, 2020 Comments off

On the key-chain, always… obviously not my Victorinox nor in my purse. It is an object from the past, a ghost-item if you like, always on the key-chain and in the purse

in fact it is illegal wearing them in public these days and forget about flying (not talking about the purses though… yet.).

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Even Tapes

January 4th, 2020 Comments off

And now it is over. I was forced to sell my double-deck?

Then I found this sweet Sony CFD-S50 CD/Tape-deck in the trash? Perfect for the beach and I got a cassette by: Lootpack, that I’ve wanted to play for a long time. And how I can.

The challenge is on. One-to-one. Playing? I’ll hold my ground. That’s a promise.

It’s A New Day!

December 30th, 2019 Comments off

Varje dag är en födelsedag!*

* Everyday is a birthday!

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Gone Days…

December 30th, 2019 Comments off

Summer is better. Ref..

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