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  1. A 16 amp fuse with casing from the demolition site. That building is now long gone.
  2. The front of a tile from the new (hideous) building on the demolition site
  3. The back side of a tile from the new (hideous) building on the demolition site.
  4. Both my aunt and my uncle used to work there.
  5. KÖP ORIGINALET! VAGNER PREIMIUM 940 is NOSTALGISK UTANPÅ – HIGHTECH INUTI*. Veenred oak casing at that price? There is even a telephone number, but what about fax or memo? They’re missing. Listen to the future…

That would be post number 1040 and the year is still 2020. Why? I don’t know! Go ask your Mama, go ask your Papa…

*Mm or is the other way around I wonder? I don’t know…! 96′ gonna be that year…

It Might Work?

My father would strongly oppose this whole suggestion/proposition though* and I do mean strongly be opposed to the very idea of a: Spåman** international marabout. The World is indeed as wonderful as it strange place.

Jag kan lösa alla Era problem… Du får veta hur du skyddar dig och din familj från fienden och hur du får dina nära och kära tillbaka in i ditt liv. Garanterat resultat.***

A marabout in Stockholm? Bound to be a pretty far way from home.

* Actually that is an understatement it would have made him: Fou furieux. “- Les marabouts? Je ne sais pas quoi dire…” “- Il i-y-a un en Stockholm? Tu n’est pas sérieux!”
** Fortune-teller is the word for word translation.
*** Rough translation: I can solve all of your problems.. You get to know how to protect yourself and your family against the enemy and how to bring your loved ones back into your life. Result is guaranteed.

Your Carry-on Luggage Is Overweight!

Seeing is believing right? But, who, whom, what, how did this come about?

– I want to take this sign home with me on the train (distance of manual transport? No less or minimum 86 meters…)!

So, what I’m looking at right now? That’s just… and where exactly is the Rapid Response And Recovery Street Sign Team (RRARSST) when you do actually need them?

No where to be seen or found? And that is frankly an as shocking as it is an alarming realisation. The non-existant presence of the RRARSST, that is.

Bike On Car Roof To Ride

I think I’ll take my car to ride my bike and/or ride to the gym to run on the treadmill in my car… do not read/say the licence plate out loud! Then I’ll wash it (the bike) for an hour.

Petri Or Don’t Panic Too [II]?

Julius Richard Petri (May 31, 1852 – December 20, 1921) was a German microbiologist who is generally credited with inventing the device known as the Petri dish after him, while working as assistant to bacteriologist Robert Koch.

Source: Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by Johns Hopkins CSSE, 13/02/2020 13:23:05.

Det Gungar Från Skanstull Till Slussen

The latest “storm” was closer to a hurricane according to me; it made the street lights*, signs and everything swing from Skanstull to Slussen.

Translated from the Swedish title it would be: It swings from Skanstull To Slussen and that would be Stockholm.

I’ve never seen street- or bus signs shudder in the wind, roof plates rattle or making sounds or in behaving in that way before. Kind of windy?

* The street lights where swinging back-and-forth in unison on the entire stretch of Götgatan passing Medborgarplatsen and beyond simply powered by the wind…