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Twothousandandseventeen: The Year Lost & Found

December 22nd, 2017 Comments off

Resurface – To Return – Kaeru

Apparently “frog” and “to return” share the sign “Kaeru” in Japanese.

Peace in the Aether! One hand wash the other…

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December 16th, 2017 Comments off

I’m going. Father (African)  told me to never go there ever!




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Synfelet Och Excesserna?

December 9th, 2017 Comments off

Men varför alla dessa överdifter? Jag menar att då kanske du behover kanna min far eller om du ar genuint intresserad sa blir det nog nodvandigt.

Problemet ar att det gar ju inte langre. Han gick bort for ratt manga ar sedan. 2008 tror jag bestamt att det var.  Inga å, ä eller ö ska du vara speciell igen?

Mm, nej, men min T510 har amerikanskt tangentbord.

Min W510 har svenskt och jag budar på en tredje från Tyskland. Varför då? En till W510?  Jag behover delarna: skarmen och tangentbordet.

Jag behover/vill ha SSD. Dessutom forutom Apple/Mac sa finns det inget battre tangentbord i hela Varlden.

Det handlar om taktiltet. Jo, det ar enbart en kansla tom jag inser det.

Men om man vill skriva mycket och fort sa spelar det faktiskt roll.

Mina horlurar blinkar nu. Blatand. De reflekteras i mina glasogon. Blatt starkt ljus. Maste kanske lyssna nu.

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I Never Call Three Times

December 9th, 2017 Comments off

I would never do that. On f***ing principle. So I guess we will see?

I talked to my mother today a long time. The young one is not present, so you don’t need to call anybody. Calling the services? That is f***ed up! And I will avenge.

Trust me. It is unacceptable. Got + 25000 tracks? And you are telling me that I can’t raise my boy? You soil the traps with dirt?

And you are telling me that I can not educate my boy? There will/there be problems…

Really? That is your proposition. Really? I don’t even play out? Head-speakers pushing bass from Atlanta? Come on.

Angry? You better listen to 21. You all love Spotify? “21 Savage”. He got a cross tatted on his for- head? A young American black man?

Is that a young man with a future? According to you? So, you don’t really know? Do you? You don’t know the anger? So you don’t know about Africa?

21 Savage American on spotify? All the fourteens love it. And you really don’t know?

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The “Elvis Presley” Of France Passed

December 9th, 2017 Comments off

“Johnny Hallyday”, the musician that gets a state funeral and halts everything that is France? A live transmission on television an entire day? Nation-wide grief.

I have never seen that before, I have never seen that many people on Place De La Concorde ever apart from 1998 but that was the bicentenary mind you… It find it remarkable.

It is clear that people/humans are searching for something common beyond what is simply visible and material.

Raw emotions, the sentiment of something lost, something important that we’ve all lost. The collective searching for a lost feeling…

It is also so very French. Evropa. Strong emotions, real emotions overflowing and manifested (physically) in (pure) language. It is overwhelming. The old Evropa. Still so religious 2000 years later? Forming the continent using extreme violence and fuelled by ideas. Ave Maria.



Tre Kronor?

December 8th, 2017 Comments off

“Shemagh”, Tre Kronor, Sand. Det är inte bilden (men det visste väl du redan)?

Det är en halsduk = palestinasjal och jag har två stycken i olika färger. Va? Kan ni inte heller arabiska?

– Men du kan inte ha den på dig ute?

– Jo, det kan jag visst det. Jag har gjort min militärtjänst och de är ju där? I Afganistan, Libyien, Irak och Syrien? Flyger, bombar och slåss under NATO- befäl? I snart 10 år?

Svenskar som slåss? Men vi är ju inte medlemar? Det är inte neutralitet. Jag tänker bära min “Shemagh” med stolthet.

– Den är skön. SAS har gillat den länge (sedan WW2 faktiskt).

Nej, jag menar inte inte det haverade flygbolaget. Jag menar UK, SAS.

Tre kronor. “Some move like a ghost.” Just watch me.

Du kanske inte trodde att du faktiskt kände en riktig patriot?


Det är inte fel att vilja tjäna sin stat menar jag.



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Är du säker?

December 8th, 2017 Comments off

I mean are you certain? Are you convinced? It is really important.

21 Savage? The fourteens of 2017 know US language better than most. Better than you.

Do you really understand the reference: “Ghostface Killers”?

Do you know who it is being referenced? Do you know Wu-Tang?

I got severally corrected. I misunderstood the reference…

I did not in fact understand it at all (according) to the young one.

“Ghost Dog – The Way Of The Samurai.” I do know. Surely it must be one of the the best movie scores ever..

It may be the best movie ever made…

Live by the code. Die by the code.


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That Is Bass From Atlanta?

December 8th, 2017 Comments off

Have I not been talking about the 808?

Have I not explained that I never visited the country and that I probably never will.

Little sister have been there many times. Father did not approve.

I thought I needed to visit NY? No, what I need to do is to go to Atlanta and Rotterdam.

My father forbid me to visit USA, he told me not to never go there ever. Netherlands was OK. Little sister has been around the World. The little, little one has traveled around the whole World.

The music compels me. I need to see/find the source. Bass. I need to see/hear it.

I want to see/experience the pressure at the source. I think I need to go to Atlanta.

The bass is originating from there? If it is there? Then there is where I’m going.. I would have guessed Detroit? Never been there. Bass will calling the shouts. I need to go.

I am going there. To the bass. I need to do it. The source. I need to do it.

Picture? I asked for a picture. This is what I got.  This is what I’m going to post. Danger.

Hold Up!

December 7th, 2017 Comments off

You are telling me that I can not listen to the music that I like? You are telling me that I can not listen to Fabio and Grooverider?

Honestly? That is ridiculous. Why would you want to even attempt to do that? The one thing that a care about. I mean that is simply ridiculous.  I would never ever even consider that. Never. If you know me. Then you will know that is the truth.

I don’t understand why?

The last thing that I have. Why is it so important to take the one thing that I care about away from me? Most of you don’t even care about music?

I do. Still, you seem to force me to give up the one thing that I really like: music. Why would you want me to do that? It does not make sense to me.

The little one and his friends listen to “21 Savage”. If you are looking for darkness? Then you’ll find it right there. Atlanta bass is not happy. It is dark and really scary. It is where UK and US meet musically.

I’m not sure I like the idea. I love the music though.

Ridiculous bass. The sampling is outrageous. Tiny “T” would have loved it. Actually she would have freaked out.

21 Savage. Darkness and did not know that “alternative” rock = Marilyn Manson style and deep, deep bass would ever meet. Did not see that coming. Honestly I did not see it.

It is fucking crazy. The bass they’re pushing.? It is just unbelievable… I can’t believe it. The auto-tune-maxismed-bass-darkness-atlanta-music?

“She fainted in front of gutter…” What the hell is going on?

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Global Fantastic Or Just Read The Damn Book

December 7th, 2017 Comments off

So, my site was down. Support replies wondering what time zone I’m currently occupying (maybe not that exact wording) .

I say: UTC +1

Support says: UTC +8

I say where is that exactly? I did ask politely, like a gentleman.

In the Philippines.

So, I’m talking to someone in the Philippines at 03:30 my local time regarding my site hosted by a Danish ISP at UTC +8 , that would correspond to 10:30 in the day = midday?

I encountered a HTTP 500 error again, second time this month. Seriously? I mean is that serious? UTC +8 in the Philippines? Really? And the server farm is located where exactly?

The book? You should know by now. My father called him the greatest traitor in human history. Late 18 hundreds, you’ll find it  I’m sure of it. It is a well known book. It is an impossible/terrible read. Yet, most definitely a necessary one.

Now I probably can’t go there to the orange country. Although I have pledged that I would indeed do so. However I live where everyone have the right to believe whatever they want. I live where you are free to mend your own life as you see fit.

I am extremely proud of that and I intend to exercise that very same right to the fullest. Hundred millions gave their life for those very same  rights.

A light-blue star (it could be black like Bowie’s last one was) and referencing a book? You do the math. I’m entitled to believe whatever I want to. I’m privileged enough to have been born free. And I will exercise that right given to me by birth to the fullest.

Just like you should really listen to Aphex Twin, the difference being that I’m not going to force you to do so.

I have not said so. Do I share my fathers’ views. Indeed I do.


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