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No Joke Business

March 20th, 2020 Comments off

Lemond D. Oh my God! This is no joke business!

Mark Fisher would know…that is bass bin trough and through. DJ Krazy, JD, little T, Norman, maybe Adam and Seba would known; fo’su’! J? He would know, It is just like that. Hard like Roger.

Breaks? Dropping hard. No mercy. Destroying my headphones as we speak. Ruthless UK sounds, again? UK bass! There is nothing like it in the entire World.

The bass pressure? My friends? Making/collecting? + Mary J Blige = the Queen sample?

I cannot begin to explain the bass? I can’t explain…

“- How can you explain if the bassline moves you?”

Because, you cannot. Action, not words.

* The title is also the motto of the artist Scorn. It’s well fitting to my mind and I’m still til’ this day unsure that I would feel welcome to Birmingham. It does seem like a pretty harsh place, but you never know, until you’ve actually visited terra firma right?

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Dollis Hill

March 20th, 2020 Comments off

Again? How many?? DJ Kraxy and Seba? On the repeate,it is reinforced; dollis hill; 4-hero, da’ breakz, DJ Stormm, DJ Strech and the history. Give me a fu**ing break! Please will you not?

Dope or die! That’s Doc, Premier or Bobby D from the Wu for you.

She would have said it.. loudly.

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Du Är Död Nu Brursan!

March 20th, 2020 Comments off

Oj oj, nu dog du på riktigt. Kemeistry & Storm; “Above The Law” det är Reinforced, nu du dör brursan.. ; )

Det är Dj Storm? Det finns inget coolare. DJ Storm? Hårdast. I Hoxton? Du? River igenom pojkarene. Oj oj, breakse, nu trasar du alla. Lyssna igen. Du tramsar inte, sliter och trasar dig igenom. Det är vackert!

Nej, du överlever inte Kemistryt & Storm. Aldrig…. Aldrig. Breakz 4-ever. Ingen överlever.

Lycka till! Kemistry & Storm on the 0ne and two? The tempo? Ingen chans.

Spela så? Attack? Crushing everthing. Still playing, Oh, my Lord!

Storm… ripping. It is so hard and correct. Storm and dem’ breakz. I’m not joking… if I ever heard the breaks… DJ Storm. It’s just sick!

Mm, men det fler på “J” som spela på si? Tre eller fyra? Det är sjukt hur bra hur DJ Storm spelar. Är du bäst eller?

DJ Storm on Doc Scott I mean come on! Ruff mixing! i am hearing what I’m hearing. Young Storm, crazy wild in the mix. Long time ago. Wild mixing. We don’t do that any more. Bass. Breaks. Wildstyle.

Med perfekt Bangs DJ Storm med Doc Scott som brottar sig igenom mixen (hon slåss, tar sig igenom. mycket hårt arbete att ta sig igenom. Det är ett slagsmål genom mixen och kommer ut på andra sidan. En hård, hård dag. Det mixades den dagen…). Herre min Gud! Som senior skulle säga.

Du mixar inte som !

Du dog precis, sorry…

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Then Was Then?

March 20th, 2020 Comments off

I know this song… from: Mon, 20 May 2013 16:33:55 +0200.

However I’m listening to: ARCON 2 – Northbound Activity. That would be Reinforced, the really serious stuff to you… the do or die stuff. Breaks, you will get killed kind of breaks, no joke busisness, boys will party down koind of breaks. We don’t mess about. Dope or die… Why? Because it is like that… it never ends… det är DJ Stretch? Men antingen vet du eller så gör du inte det. Black Market i London, UK? Alright!? Antingen eller? 100 ggr till… alla vill göra det. Få kan eller kommer att göra det. Breakz 4-ever! Igen.

I´ve being questioned to meet early on the street?

– Many want to know the reason why?
I am a Rastaman

Many people see I many people ask I?
Why am I a rastaman
Many people see I many people ask?
Why am I a rastaman
Cause, it´s because of the babyloon and the siituation!
It´s because of the babyloon and the siituation_*

When I was a boy about eight years old
there was a surtain rastaman
and he love all the children
and he treated us like a man
even the little children than no one cared
he called up on everyone
and he gave us food and treated everyone
with a special Love

Many people see I, many people ask I?
Why Am I a rastaman (but he tought I the LOVE to give to everyone)?

Many people see I many people ask I?
Why Am I a rastaman (there is no better way to express my love, to each and everyone)?

One satuarday morning
A special thing happend to this man
he moved out of babyloon
HIM take away the rastaman
to the root of HIM herb and the meat of HIM fruit
and throw it in a van
(and staight up brother for ten years)
I never see the rastaman
they took him to general penetentry and
send him back as a valid man
but GOD could not change him his mind
cause in that prison was just his body, man, oh

many people see I, many people ask I?
why am I a rastaman/
[From: // /]/
(no matter how hard the battle be – I still have JAH in my hand)

many people see I many people ask I?
why am I a rastaman
(how sweet the name of JAH JAH song – to every rightous rastaman)

Am the same old rastaman
taught you paushing and ting
would come out and have cyculation
and we would use a true bird, man
now I have seen telling me u
got no dark and it got no use, man
donkey, horses and cross keeper
trooding on I being am a man

Everyone see, I everyone ask I?
why am I a rastaman
(am here to prove and testify- about our prophecy)

Everyone who see I , everyone ask I?
why am I a rastaman
(they baptaised marcus garvey and christ – they was a rastaman)

Everyone see I, everyone ask I?
why am I a rastaman
(I vote and fight for another right and it can´t be no other wise man)

Everyone see I, everyone ask I?
why am I a rastaman
(I love my brothers and I sisters and I can not give up a tall man)

Brother Brown, brother Duke, brother John, brothers stand up Man
I use to hear them beat the drums and sing
there in the forest land

Many people see I many people ask I?
Why am I a rastaman
I love the beat of the nayabing that call the creation

Many people see I, many people ask I?
Why am I a rastaman
(the truth is my friend there is no other rightous man….. ).

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Du Rullar I Hastighet Nedför Götgatsbacken Utan Bromsar

March 20th, 2020 Comments off

Du tar krönet i fart och sen kommer du på… ingen broms. 25 meter nedför där hade normalt sett inte varit ett problem… men utan bromsar, så kan det bli problem vid övergångsstället.

Det är 25 meter kvar till övergångsstället? Cyklar vi in i: pankomaten, väggen eller ska vi lägga cykeln för att stanna?

Jag ser henne rakt i ögonen och det är 15 meter kvar? Blir det höger eller vänster? RR that would be double R. Blir det? 5 meter kvar. Bromsar fullt (nära nog ingenting händer). Hon förstår inte. Ingen av dem runt omkring henne förstår. Det går för fort. Det blir höger. Det är mindre än en meter men jag är rätt säker på att jag får plats och jag har faktiskt ingen broms.

“- Jag har inga bromsar!” De skrattar. Oj oj, det var så nära Södersjukhuset man kan komma.
“- Är du säker?” Varför då, varför det?

Eller? Ska vi manövrera, krångla oss fram i maxfart, precis som på Hornsgatan? Över krönet; Hornsgatspuckeln* du laddar, trampar med hög hastighet. Korsningen Ringvägen/Hornsgatan, du kan inte stanna där och om någon kör ut, då är det kört för dig.

“- Tu est Loco!” När man rullar i fart och cyklar om bilarna, genom korsningarna, paketbussarna/jobbarbilarna och flyger över de vita banden.

“- Vad är det som pågår?”
“- Va e’ det som hender?”

De e’ SoSo.

Du är galen! ; ). Med ett leende sa Latinos, jag cyklade om och vidare, fortast av alla genom nästa korsning på Hornsgatan.

Fort ska det gå! För lilla svarta björnen och jag.

“- Du måste vara försiktigt!”

Jag är försiktig.

* Bilden är inte från Götgötgatsbacken men den är tagen rätt nära Hornsgatspuckeln.

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The Original Title Was…

March 20th, 2020 Comments off

Do you have a death wish?

Well do you? No, I don’t, actually and honestly.

The little black bear (Musta Karhu), is now fitted with new break pads and more than ready to roll, fast. I’ve skipped the curb and I bounced of the front of a car whilst manoeuvring and /or accessing a zebra crossing (övergångsställe).

I did not see the second car coming and then she turned, without looking, towards me… I hit the bumper and flew sideways in app. 30 to 40 degrees as my back wheel went airborne.

I landed and my back wheel held, there was still grip, Bear and I could continue on our way. It was a matter of seconds. Moving fast.

She hit me? The sound of crumbling plastic… when we bounced off the front fender.

“- Du måste vara försiktigare.”

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Le Petit

March 19th, 2020 Comments off

That would be my son… my pride and joy! Bless him. And if my father would have been alive. The pride.

The first three: I, II and III.

That’s the little one; fo’ su’. dem’ damn beats and stuff… You would say that? Mm, true, but I would say that regardless.

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The Little One

March 19th, 2020 Comments off

My father for one. And I can not begin to explain what is going on. The output? The music? Well it speaks for it self. Nuff said, it is just basically impossible.

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March 19th, 2020 Comments off

The day immediately before today; one day ago.

Today is the child of yesterday and the parent of tomorrow.


No comment. It was a long time ago or another day.

Eller… exakt hur gullig kan man va? Jag menar… titta pa bilden.

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Var Du På Profylaxen Eller?

March 19th, 2020 Comments off

Jag var där… med andningsövningarna och nervositeten.

“- Are you sure? (at 3 AM)”
She was very angry… at the time. Angry beautiful.

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