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Dillinja Under Pseudonym?

October 27th, 2020 Comments off

Now, that is diggin’ deep, all so deep in an ageing man’s soul and his inner universe. That would be the place no man or woman get to visit. The basement of the being. The cellar steps no one can ever descend. The inner working of a soul. Suburban Knights – “State of Art” – 1994.

I just heard something that I’ve suspected for a very long time. The seminal Goldie album “Timeless” is in fact a Dillinja creation*. So what? Well, it is not my idea to begin with, it may seem obvious today but it is a very long time ago, the album is from 1995 if I’m not mistaken.

It also happens to be the only album in my collection that is not dumb’n’bass. I now own two copies, oneone belonged to my life-love and the other one is mine. Just to be clear; the limited double CD is not my copy. It belonged to the one that coined the utterly offensive phrase: Dumb’n’bass or is it Is it Hip-hop or R’n’b?

What is your point? – It matters who actually produced “Timeless”. I mean the title in itself is a give-away right? Living in a dumb’n’bass regim is not an easy task for any head. If you pay attention you will notice that the limited 2-disc version was not mine to begin with… eternally loved and missed even more!

Pure Flames an’ Fia!

Uncle Dugs -

Oh, my.. Uncle Dugs he is loosing it in the mix right there; I can hear, I can feel it, he is loosing it – reminisce dwelling in the bass, deeply concentrated. It is so brilliant and I’m just wondering, why can’t I just go home (to fair London/UK!

A 2 Bad Mice request and that was not played… I still got your ears. and shout to all the worky workers! Another 10″. Take a minute and think about it. times thousands

Uncle Dugs - is our radio station.

It’s not goign to go away id it? Ever?

– Who the feck are you and why don’t you knock.
– If you muck about. I will shred your testicles.
– Well good luck to You, the feminist and the ENglishman, you poor bollock.

From a TV series.

There is something strange going on regarding this excellent track: Dezires / Images. I don’t even own this. I do know Aquasky, but I don’t have this track. Is it a classic? Don’t ask or I will have to…

Dedicated to all those who know, you know how you are… you can run, but you can never hide! That one is on: Jaques Lueder, not me. Don’t you be pointing fingers at me! : ).

Someone once said: you look like 35 years of clubbin’.
Wikipedia says I’m 75…

Barry Ashworth from Dub Pistols

* I must confess that there is not much evidence supporting my belief at the moment…

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Deeply Disappointed

October 27th, 2020 Comments off

Once in my life I tried Suketter, that was very long, long time ago. I, my little sister and our oldest cousin were intrigued by the little white pills contained in the white and blue box.

– What are those?

– They’re sugar pills for the coffee.

I personally never understood why you would want to sweeten your coffee to begin with, I mean you don’t have to drink it right? And the main thing about being an adult is that you get to actually choose what to do or not? But, I guess that it is a quintessentially a strictly personal choice in the end I for one don not have any objections or other thought at this point that I can come to think of.

– One of these pills are the same as two sugar cubes.

– Really (aha, sugar is sweet and two lumps of sugar in one little pill? It must be delicious. They’re so small, how is that even possible)?

– Because/but sugar is really bad for you and your teeth.

– OK.

As I recall we all tasted the microscopically small sized pills from the white and blue tin container. However, it was nothing like sugar at all! In cube form or other. In actuality, the taste was vile, synthetic and painfully artificial and I remember thinking; why on earth would you ever want to eat/drink something tasting this badly?

When there is something else that is real? Why would you want to replace something existing with something that is not even close of mimicking the thing that you actually want?


Smakar som socker men utan kalorier

Suketter är ett bordsötningsmedel baserat på Natriumcyklamat och Natriumsackarin.
Suketter smakar som socker men är fri från fett, protein och kolhydrater och innehåller dessutom inga kalorier.
Suketter löser sig snabbt i såväl varma som kalla drycker.

Not even as very small boy did it make sense to me and it still doesn’t. I will never understand that and I suspect that the event of tasting Suketter may actually have had a significant impact on my entire adult life. The realisation of mirage or the importance of making a clear and concise difference between what is the “real”* and the rest.

Final notes: I guess I have to add it to list.

  • Lutfisk = Dried whitefish
  • Sylta = Brawn
  • Gröt = Porridge (ina nay shape of form. I HATE porridge intensely.)
  • Suketter = Sweetener
  • …things that I don’t eat (if it is not a matter of life and death). Simply put, the vile stuff!

    Oh my Lord! They are still in existence! This a real shocker to me! There is a market for Suketter? There are living and breathing human beings that actually use this artificial sweetener, today? Oh my Lord…

    So, the brand belongs to Orkla, but the artificial sweetener I’m rememberer is in fact: my grandmother and here daughters refereed to it as “Suketter” (completely disregarding the intrinsic strict rules and regulations surrounding trademarks and brands.).


    * That would be Mark Fisher’s (and some others…). The Real.

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Not On The Wall IX

October 25th, 2020 Comments off

Yet some discarded artefacts. A pre-IoT image capturing device also know as a camera and a pair of:

Salt and pepper shakers or salt and pepper pots, of which the first item is normally called a salt cellar in British English,[1] are condiment dispensers used in Western culture that are designed to allow diners to distribute grains of edible salt and ground peppercorns.

Ref. Salt and pepper shakers.

Please see: Not On The Wall.

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October 23rd, 2020 Comments off

There’s an International sound playing through the air and if you listen carefully now so you will hear, many DJ:s will sound discover, many MC:s em’ love the ‘ibe, Uncle Dugs’en is not impossible, the people jump up and down in an old-school style, Rinse FM is our radio station 106.8 po’n the dial, 11 to 2 every Friday and remember it is inna’ day time. Come and check out the vibes, Check check, come, Check One come check out the vibes.


After all this time? The feeling, the music (art); it is the exact same feeling as it was then and that is unnerving to me. Because it is not nostalgia and it is not sentimental memories to me. I know those feelings as any other would.

This is somehow different, it is the exact same emotion. This is not indivisibly positive to me (to begin with I don’t view time in that way and that in itself posses significant problems to me).

It is not supposed to be possible. What is it? I don’t know. Is it the ghost of the youth? Like every other generation? Like Rock’n’Roll or Charleston? The “new” discovered thing that defines your young persona? The thing that sets you apart from everyone else in the World except your crew/clan? Your identification? Culture

I’m gonna’ drain out the power on this one.

DJ Crystl – Let It Roll.

Big-up, easy, big up the high-rise crew. All the crew down there in Bristol.

…this one here, this one here, do you know what? We’re getting rewind happy at the moment… sometimes the vibe just deserves that, yeah? This one a classic is own right. One of the big tunes from the underground of its era. Rough Times Records, if I remember correctly. My Music – The African Child Mix. …again, right be, being a classic!

I spent time wondering what would happen when the dance eventually stopped and the bass stopped rollin’. Now I know… the dance never stops and the bass never stops rollin’!

* The rewind…

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D’où Je Viens XXXV

October 21st, 2020 Comments off

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Béton Brut, It’s Not

October 20th, 2020 Comments off

Concrete is naturally grey, but does that entail or guarantee any trace of Béton Brut? One of the two building constellations pictured above is most definitely not.

What about proportion and scale? The public’s expert opinion seems to be that the thing that matters is that they (everything and anything built) should resemble/mimic the surrounding buildings.

People were chocked and appalled when realising that they would actually not be painted. Why? They obviously don’t “fit” the surroundings…

Nybygge i Årsta rör upp känslor

KRITIK. “Det här är skitdeprimerande”

“Sovjetgrått”, “miljonprogram” och “gränslöst deppigt”. Två nybyggen vid Årstavägen får svidande kritik av Årstaborna, för sin grå betongfasad. Mitt i Söderort ringde upp firman Vera arkitekter som bekräftar att husen ska förbli omålade. – Skojar du? Det ser hiskeligt ut, säger invånaren Jakob Grunditz.

Det som flera undrar är om husen verkligen ska förbli omålade. Det bekräftar firman Vera arkitekter.

Beskedet förvånar Årstaborna Jakob Grunditz och Apolonia Örmä.
– Det kunde jag inte förställa mig. Det är märkligt att slänga in en betongbyggnad här där det finns många hus i pastellfärger. Det sticker upp som en finne, säger Jacob Grunditz.

Björn Wiklander**** är arkitekt på Vera arkitekter. Han säger att fasaden aldrig var tänkt att målas.

Tycker du att husen passar in vid Årstavägen?*
– Ja, det tycker jag, Men de avviker ju från andra hus i omgivnigen som är väldigt färgglada, säger Björn Wiklander.

Mitti Söder

First: The responsible architecture firm VERA Arkitekter AB’s design: Gisslaren*.
Second: My more than sketchy rework**. Some final thoughts; (possibly a work in progress).

* Do you think… You are asking the responsible architect? Tycker du att husen passar in vid Årstavägen? Do you think that the buildings fit/belong at Årstavägen?

I’m convinced/intrigued. I’m quite confident that the original drawings did not look like this at all. The height would have/must have been double at least.

I’m thinking that it was thought to have been a bridge between the old and new. With a clear reference to the existing surrounding buildings.

The in my mind beautiful 60’s monoliths, with uniform cladding (the tallest ones that are closest do not have a concrete surface they’re are plastered.

Arkitekten Paul Hedqvist har ritat alla hus förutom de två punkthusen som ligger längs i öst. De husen är ritade av Riksbyggens arkitektkontor. Hedqvists bidrag av lamellhus var de enda som hade franska balkonger i Valla.

So, the two houses that are being referenced to above were not drawn by Paul Hedqvist. Below, I’ve included an image of the pair of houses closest to Årstafältet and you can see the concrete fascade?

There are multiple high-rises in the area, they are pairs that actually do not look the same if you’re observant. Some re-clad in aluminium (another story). From afar they look identical, but I happen to know for a fact that they’re not. And I’m still confident that Vera’s architects are/were fully aware of that fact. You would know your history?

** One wonders… the translation of the project name Gisslaren (it not commonly used word in modern day Swedish, but then again nor is “hiskeligt”) is either the scourger, whipper, flagellator, torturer or the ironic. There’s always something to a name. So, which is? I honestly don’t know!

How difficult was this project to the firm? How many changes were they forced to make before the building’s design was accepted and signed off on? Behold Gisslaren = The torturer (?)… all other projects on their site have a short description. Gisslaren, however is lacking one for now.

*** It doesn’t have to be exactly 29 stories. I’m more than willing and prepared to compromise on actual building hight.

**** Concrete does not get painted… you don’t “paint” concrete buildings. My building was erected 1951 using blocks of blåbetong and it has cladding and a rather high concentration of Radon (it was not know at the time of construction).

Radon is a chemical element with the symbol Rn and atomic number 86. It is a radioactive, colorless, odorless, tasteless noble gas.

How about showing some respect for craftsmanship? Please? As it was once formulated… “Alla kan tralla” inte. If I have experience and education? Architects know buildings, DJ:s know records, Electricians know electricity, Nursers know medicine, Bus drivers knows buses, Bakers know bakery, Tailors know sewing, Philosophers know philosophy, Historians know history, Computer scientists know computers etc.

The lack of respect of… the hatred against any form of education in this country (of mine) never ceases to amaze me. The utterly and deeply rooted contempt for anything that is close to resemble some kind education/experience.

I can sympathize… Gisslaren. Big A for effort, but in all honesty it was a doomed project to begin with. In Årsta…

Please see: Béton Brut and Stockholm One?.

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D’où Je Viens XXXVI

October 20th, 2020 Comments off

This is where I live.

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Silent Prayers?

October 19th, 2020 Comments off

A collection of Asian wood carvings were placed directly opposite of the door to my cellar storage unit (7 all-in-all). They were quite large, the three women figurines were taller than 1,2m. The two (much smaller) male figures that I decided to keep measure approximately 0,3m.

Since they were blocking my door, I moved them out of the way and alongside a wall instead. Carved out of a single piece of hardwood they were heavy as well. Yet, not long after, they had mysteriously transported themselves from my cellar to the recycling room… it would seem like the group moved on from there finding new homes.


Please see: something.

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If You Know

October 17th, 2020 Comments off

It is close to impossible to explain. Why/what makes this particular track or not? Culture and history, and you may be wrong at the end. I guess it’s a combination of many different things.

I’m not sure I want to… OK. Let’s go; who is playing what? Before and after (the order in the case)? How revolutionary/rough is it? References? Rythm and/or breaks? Style.

– I’m guessing Doc Scott…
– You always say that!
– No one (not even today*) in there right mind would sample Doc… and in any case I will be border-line hard sampling and I know for a fact that Doc doesn’t approve any way (loooong time ago).

* He seldom or never plays Doc Scott though. I did not say that I know, I’m still guessing the true blue original steppa.

The bassline is serious… there are other contenders for sure, but the ones I’m thinking of would never replicate/imitate/sample (they don’t need to and you don’t) or is it just the newest kid on the block? I just don’t know, ask your…

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Today Of All Days?

October 17th, 2020 Comments off

It should be no comment. However, I can’t do that. That would be 1993 to you and me, WARP and I did buy it in period, the following year (if I remember correctly because I waited for Artificial Intelligence II to arrive to Stockholm from London more than 6 months…) when it was available.

They’re truly musical giants, and they’ve in fact defined decades of culture output. The impact? Impossible to say…

I want/forced to dedicate this post to my friends and everyone musically inclined; that I ever met along the way: friends and foes, be them fallen or not. With this reminder: plz don’t forget how to have fun, in life…

And no, you will never get passed them or him… ever; that is impossible.

We are the music makers…

He will push the tempest by…



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